Making the Most of Digital Transformation

Making the Most of Digital Transformation

Getting the most out of digital transformation initiatives requires CIOs to shift their mindset. They need to let go of their assumptions and embrace the best practices to achieve the success they have planned.

While gaining popularity in the enterprise landscape for helping enterprises sustain and potentially thrive in their business operations, successful digital transformation has set a benchmark of success. But, to really get the most out of their digital transformation initiatives, organizations will need to rethink how they utilize the technology to keep up the pace. They should understand that strategic rollout is just as important as the technology itself. Embarking on digital transformation projects with the right mindset is vital for organizations to ensure success.

Here are five mindset shifts that CIOs will need to make to utilize the digital transformation initiatives to their extent:

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Having a fool-proof plan

Most discussion around digital technology is ingrained into its endless possibilities. This makes CIOs falsely assume that digitization can help them to accomplish anything, and if they’re not using it to transform everything in the infrastructure, they are not doing it correctly. However, the best way to begin a digitization project is to have a clear, crystal goal in mind. Even if it means taking small steps because understanding what is being done is the key to success with the project. Additionally, organizations should create a robust digitization strategy that focuses on customers or products to ensure that it fulfills its purpose to the organization.

Incorporating new skills

Without having expertise, digital transformation projects can steadily falter. Hence, CIOs should emphasize hiring or training and up-skilling their workforce to successfully implement and achieve the most from it. Additionally, they can also take outside help by bringing in outside consultants to assist the business move in the right direction. For people in leadership skills, they should be equipped with certain skills such as data literacy, basic understanding of coding that can help them create informed digital transformation strategies.

Knowing the value of data

The foundation of any digital transformation project begins with data. Hence understanding it and its value is a critical mindset change. However, organizations are guilty of undervaluing their data, failing to capture it, storing it improperly or allowing it to degrade or become contaminated. Thus, they should leave behind these old habits and ensure critical data is captured, properly stored, updated regularly and can be accessed easily is essential.

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Promoting creativity

Many CIOs still believe that data, analysis and analytics counter the human elements of input and creativity. But, creativity is a crucial part of digital transformation as human insights and expertise are needed elements to successfully interpret the data. Additionally, ways to utilize technology and devising projects, scenario planning all require creative thinking. Thus, CIOs should create and foster an environment that promotes experimentation. They should also be open to accepting failure as sometimes things may not go as planned. Thankfully, today’s technology allows building digital simulations and sandboxes for experimentation, ensuring the consequences are minimized. These can also help to tailor processes to an organization’s specific needs and capabilities.

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