Leveraging AI-powered Talent Acquisition Technology for Hiring and Recruiting

Leveraging AI-powered Talent Acquisition Technology for Hiring and Recruiting

Outreach campaigns, personalized pipelines, and candidate experiences are critical to the success of an organization’s recruiting and hiring efforts in today’s world of talent acquisition.

Recruiters and hiring managers need to be positioned to meet job searchers on a personal level in order to survive in an incredibly competitive market, with job seekers today having more options and expectations from employers.

According to the Hiretual 2021 Recruiting for Recovery report, 66% of talent acquisition professionals added a new tool to their tech stack in 2020. Those who used AI solutions were able to streamline their recruiting process while also receiving personalized applicant data from their ATS talent rediscovery, and engagement activities without having to change their existing platforms.

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It’s time for businesses to think about incorporating AI-powered talent acquisition technologies into every facet of their hiring and recruiting strategies.

Identifying former applicants and best-fit candidates

With increased competition, talent market shifts, and the Great Resignation, the margin for error when recruiting candidates has shrunken dramatically. Organizations cannot afford to fall behind the curve by relying on generic recruiting and hiring methods that fall short of the expectations of the common candidate.

Traditional profile matching from legacy systems that lack automated capabilities isn’t adequate to deliver meaningful results in an evolving era of talent acquisition. The adoption of AI-enabled ATS talent rediscovery allows organizations to find the best-fit candidates by expanding the depth of their ATS data with profiles that match those currently in their talent network.

It also enables recruiters to distinguish between the importance and relevance of specific keywords and titles in a search query, such as “remote work.” Recruiters know they are adding the best-fit candidates to their ATS with contextually relevant search results, even if they are decades old.

After identifying past applicants, the solution merges internal and external candidate data in the application tracking system (ATS), which can be used to improve talent assessment accuracy. The system then goes a step further by presenting simplified insights for why those candidates were deemed a match, emphasizing how their abilities and expertise match the job description.

Customized outreach to boost engagement

Candidate hiring relies heavily on email campaigns, but, many recruiters fail to include personalization into their plan. Recruiters can streamline customized outreach with AI-powered solutions by automating personalization into single and sequence email templates. Consider candidate names: rather than manually inputting each applicant’s name into hundreds of emails, the solution will automatically insert name fillers — either first, last, or full name — into both the body and subject line of the email.

Furthermore, AI-powered solutions can automate personalized responses to candidates within predefined time frames, as well as segment candidate lists in an ATS by geography or industry so that targeted emails can be delivered when a suitable job vacancy becomes available. The enriched data of rediscovered candidates offers still another layer of personalization, allowing recruiters to refer to previous encounters and new experiences in targeted emails to former candidates.

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Meanwhile, companies can use automated tracking for click-through, open, and reply rates to measure important engagement metrics and understand how email sequences perform, all of which are provided on a simplified reporting dashboard.

Personalization entails prioritizing inclusivity in addition to engagement productivity. Companies can make substantial progress toward exceeding their long-term goals of inclusion with these additional capabilities.

Leveraging personalization to attract professionals

A recruiting team of any size will find it challenging t to manually track and respond to candidates in the pipeline at any given time. Creating unmatched degrees of personalization inside the ATS and candidate experiences in today’s digital age is impossible without modern technology. AI-powered solutions are a significant component of recruiting and hiring personalization from the first point of contact to the final offer.

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