IT Leaders on Transitioning from CIO to Consultant

IT Leaders on Transitioning from CIO to Consultant

IT leaders looking for a new challenge might leverage their business and IT expertise to succeed long-term in a consulting position.

The CIO position has a lot of potential for professional advancement. When they are prepared to leave their position overseeing IT operations at their company, CIOs can move into another C-suite position, accept a leadership position at a technology vendor, launch their own business, or quit their jobs entirely.

Some people find that consulting is the way to go, whether they do it by starting their own advisory business or by working for an established consultancy. IT leaders who have transitioned to consulting roles believe it may be a gratifying opportunity to use their extensive business and technical knowledge to help others.

Here is some transitional advice from former IT leaders who are now consultants.

Consult with experts and reliable people

Similar to any professional transition, it might be beneficial to have second opinions. Speaking with others who have already made the transition from CIO to consultant is probably the most pleasing way to get a feel of what it will be like. Any seasoned IT consultant, irrespective of their expertise, may be able to offer valuable advice in this respect.

IT executives should ensure to speak with many folks who are already in the consulting business. Many aspects, such as whether to form an LLC or operate as a freelancer, may be unknown to them. Therefore, IT leaders must speak with individuals who are already doing it to determine what is best for their circumstances.

Before making a choice, IT leaders should, if possible, consult with executive coworkers or other reliable connections. Of course, they should also ask family members and friends for their opinions, as they may be able to determine whether or not such a shift is a wise choice.

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Be ready for failure

There are both advantages and disadvantages to switching from IT management to consulting, as with any significant professional shift. IT leaders might not be qualified or skilled at consulting. It could be preferable to search for advisory or board roles and apply their knowledge in those circumstances. However, they are found to gain by doing both.

Coaching or mentoring may be a technique to prepare folks who are not quite ready to make the whole move. In addition to aiding someone, this is a good beginning step in figuring out how much IT executives want to work as individual contributors.

There may be advantages for CIOs in taking the effort to research the industry and discover what consulting entails. Working as a consultant may be highly intellectually satisfying. They get to use the abilities they have honed through time in situations they are already familiar with. However, they also have the opportunity to grow and gain new skills. There is life after the CIO post, irrespective of age.

Ensure it’s the correct move

To take a vacation from the routine of being a CIO or for another reason, it could be alluring to go into consulting. However, executives considering consulting should first decide if they can and want to do it.

It is crucial for CIOs to use their negotiating abilities and to work closely with their clients, just like they did with their coworkers inside their own firms. IT professionals who are considering a career change might use some personal analytics to aid in their choice.

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