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IT Leaders Need to Look for Opportunities to Nurture and Retain IT Talent

By Prangya Pandab - September 23, 2022 3 Mins Read


Organizations must create opportunities for training and nurturing their employees in an environment where competition for IT talent is fierce, and demand is increasing across all industries.

Despite a slowdown in hiring, the market for IT talent is still competitive, so companies wishing to expand their IT teams should first look within.

Companies can better prepare for a future where the supply of IT talent is limited by nurturing in-house IT talent, safeguarding them from burnout, assisting with work-life balance, and minimizing external stress factors.

Additionally, they must make it clear to their employees how much they are valued, which will foster a stronger sense of teamwork and a better overall working environment for everyone in the company.

Employees will probably feel better supported at work if master classes, internal training, and other educational resources are made available, which will provide opportunities for advancement inside the organization.

Creating Opportunities for Development and Training

When recruiting new IT talent, organizations should be transparent about their commitment to investment in training. To get that experience, technology professionals seek placement on different teams or project opportunities. It improves job security and serves as a resume booster. Employers must be able to convey this value to employees and create a plan for training and investment development if they want to keep them interested and engaged.

Adapting to the Remote Working Trend

With remote-first working, employees have the freedom to choose where they perform their best work, and new hires and recurring stipends are provided to help with the cost of buying items for a productive remote-working environment.

This strategy has given employers a competitive edge in retaining talent, but it is not sufficient on its own. Retaining IT talent requires intense focus and commitment to the company culture as a whole. The dedication to continuous learning through numerous learning opportunities should be a fundamental aspect of the company’s culture.

While it may occasionally be necessary to supplement IT project work with external experts with a particular specialization, building a strong IT team is essential to the success of the organization. Involving the IT team in the culture of collaboration and innovation leads to trustworthy outcomes both internally and for the customers.

CTO Must Identify Learning and Training Objectives

Building out learning and growth opportunities starts with the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This calls for making sure they have training and learning objectives established, which are employed as a crucial component of the annual performance expectations of the IT managers and leaders, both for themselves and for their workforce.

IT teams should closely report to and collaborate with the product and engineering teams for career growth. The justification for this is straightforward: in order for employees to hone their skills, they must work for and alongside those who are knowledgeable in it, who will encourage them to continue learning through participation in collaborative teams, projects, and programs.

The IT industry places a major focus on closely managing employee burnout, and one benefit of the industry is the opportunity for rotations. It implies that employees often receive new assignments, clients, and teams to work with. While staying within the same company, this could be challenging but exciting.

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Prangya Pandab

Prangya Pandab is an Associate Editor with OnDot Media. She is a seasoned journalist with almost seven years of experience in the business news sector. Before joining ODM, she was a journalist with CNBC-TV18 for four years. She also had a brief stint with an infrastructure finance company working for their communications and branding vertical.

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