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IT Leaders in India Plan to Increase Their Cloud Budgets in 2021

By Sudipta Choudhury - December 15, 2020 2 Mins Read

IT Leaders in India Plan to Increase Their Cloud Budgets in 2021

Indian IT companies are expecting a significant hike in their cloud budget and plan to hire more staff.

In this digital era, cloud services predominantly drive the way companies are operating – helping them adopt new technology and sustain in the looming economy. As a result, IT companies are increasingly accelerating the shift to cloud-centric digital infrastructure – raising their cloud budgets.

According to a recent study by Amdocs, nearly 73% of IT leaders in India will make significant investments in their cloud initiatives for 2021. The study involved about 250 senior IT professionals, who were surveyed to understand the current scenario of cloud adoption.

It will undoubtedly make remote working workforce function efficiently and more manageable – in fact, the study indicated that the work-from-home model is potentially going to be permanent. However, network security and data privacy concerns still remain as significant challenges around cloud implementation.

With the rising cloud adoption across industries, businesses are also confronting critical challenges in terms of compliance and overall security. Around 60% of enterprises consider it as the biggest threat to their future cloud adoption.

Besides, data integration (69%) and data management (64%) are the other significant issues for the Indian IT companies – while monitoring workloads and running systems in the cloud. As a result, Indian companies are highly focused on training employees and hiring new cloud services resources.

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About 40% of the business leaders said that they would be hiring new data engineers. This will facilitate their new cloud and remote working strategies. Even there is a demand for data engineers in an equal proportion across the marketplace.

As noted in the report – “Upskilling and reskilling are going to be crucial to shifting work patterns, with 59 percent of India enterprises aiming to upskill staff in cloud security practices.”

Many organizations have already taken significant steps toward their cloud plans. Almost 69% of the respondents reported that they are training the workforce for cloud-based data and analytics skills. Besides, some 77% of IT leaders said they are continually prioritizing to re-skill employees about cloud apps.

Clearly, the advent of rapid cloud implementation will enable companies to shift from legacy IT maintenance towards innovative digital transformation solutions. And thus, businesses can gain more revenue and competitiveness – creating new opportunities for suppliers and users.


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