IT Leaders Driving Inside-Out Digital Transformation for Businesses

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IT Leaders Driving Inside-Out Digital Transformation for Businesses

Digital transformation means different things for different people. But, the digitization initiatives can only be successful if they are viewed holistically inside-out

To some, digital transformation means redesigning a website, while to others, it might mean replacing operational tools. For some, it’s about prioritizing the business transformation dollars for high impact and high-value projects. And others may believe it’s all about reshaping how businesses are conducted. Clearly, not only the technology but the mindset of the people matter to establish the utility of that technology.

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The catch is that digital transformation can’t be defined in terms of tasks or to-dos since it is a continuous process. Whether it’s a CEO, CHRO, CFO, CMO, or board member, driving digital transformation refers to embracing the change from the inside out, establishing an entirely new customer value chain that encompasses employee training, company-wide alignment, and technology enhancements.

Surprisingly, as per an industry-wide global survey by Trasers, only 7% of business heads and IT leaders acknowledge the holistic approach of digital transformation. A vast majority of IT and business leaders still have a siloed and very limited understanding of digital transformation.

The strategic ways IT leaders and businesses drive inside-out digital transformation:

Prioritize employee training

Trasers data revealed that transforming talent through training was the top predictor of success in digital transformations, across departments

Prioritizing and investing in training is the best way for employees to upkeep transformation projects that enable them to reimagine the company’s services and products to reinvent their unique customer value chain.

Create cross-functional alignment

Maintaining and creating alignment among the key stakeholders is vital to building an inside-out, game-changing digital transformation strategy. Inside-out digital transformation is truly holistic. Collaborating cross-functionally with business leaders is immensely crucial for successful digital transformation goals.

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Embrace the cloud technology to lead in 2020 and 2021

Across all industries and sectors, data confirmed that about 50% of companies plan to invest considerably in all aspects of the cloud technology throughout 2020 and 2021.

Cloud investments will become a significant contributing factor throughout the digital transformation journeys over the next two years.

A cloud approach supported by cross-functional team alignment and employee training will ensure that business and IT leaders are on the direct path for enabling inside-out digital transformation journey.

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