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ISACA Study – COVID-19 has Pushed up Cyber-Attack Numbers

By Sneha Bokil - May 06, 2020 2 Mins Read

A study from ISACA has revealed that a significant number of security professionals lack the necessary tools to combat cyber attacks

With a sudden shift in the work-from-home model, there has been a huge increase in data protection and privacy risks across the globe. However, only 51% of IT leaders are highly confident that their cybersecurity teams are ready to detect and respond to the rising cybersecurity attacks during COVID-19, according to a recent study from ISACA.

Remote Working – CIOs Need to Consider Technical and Cultural Challenges

ISACA said the study is based on a survey of more than 3,700 IT audit, risk, governance and cybersecurity professionals from 123 countries in mid-April. The main aim of the survey is to assess the impact of COVID-19 on their companies and their own jobs.

As per the survey, 87% of tech leaders agree the rapid transition to remote work has increased data protection and privacy risks. Nearly 60% of enterprises are aware that cybercriminals are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis to target their IT systems and employees. About 51% of IT leaders are highly confident their cybersecurity teams are ready to detect and respond to cyber-attacks, while only 59% have the necessary tools and resources at home to perform their job effectively.

Organizations are aggressively adopting new ways of doing business during the coronavirus pandemic; however, it is also increasing the possibility of being a victim of a cyber-attack. Security needs to be at the forefront of the remote workforce, along with employee training and education.

It is important for enterprises to curate their security practices to respond to new realities. Enterprises need to adjust their risk matrix, change the default severity of phishing alerts, and increase the frequency of vulnerability scanning of remote access services and remotely connected devices.

Coronavirus and WFH – Reveals Gaps in Cybersecurity Safety Net

As remote working is all set to become the new normal in the longer run, it is essential to act tactically at present to improve security posture. This will be helpful when organizations make changes and take that opportunity to get to where they need to be, for a better future.


Sneha Bokil

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