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IoT Healthcare Market Value Will Reach Nearly $188.2 Billion by 2025

By Sudipta Choudhury - June 25, 2021 3 Mins Read

IoT Healthcare Market Value Will Reach Nearly $188.2 Billion by 2025

The internet of healthcare things (IoHT) as processes, services delivery, and systems can transform the complete healthcare ecosystem globally – driving high technology remote healthcare services.

The extensive utilization of self-health management services shows the growing trends towards digitization in the healthcare sector. A recent study by Research and Markets indicates that the market share is anticipated to grow up to $188.2 billion by 2025.

Last year, the IoT healthcare market was valued at $72.5 billion. The research finds a promising rise in the global IoT healthcare market with a compound annual growth rate of roughly 39% – for the period between 2020 and 2025.

The implementation of IoT in the healthcare sector is highly driven by the advances of technology, coupled with increased digitalization. Along with that, it involves advanced infrastructure, devices, tools and connectivity, that is now efficient enough.

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Mainly, the self-health management solutions have helped in the overall betterment of innovations and connectivity in this new-age healthcare ecosystem. As per the industry experts, the healthcare sector is poised to experience an exceptional transformation with each passing day.

Certainly, this is majorly happening due to the availability and access concerns around healthcare amid the pandemic. As mentioned in the report, “COVID-19 disease has forced hundreds of millions of people worldwide to change their behaviors in terms of how they obtain healthcare services.”

Moreover, this substantial market growth includes the tools deployed within the cloud-based ‘as-a-service – for health-status monitoring, wellness, and acute care. Other enablers consist of embedded sensor devices, high-speed connectivity, and wearable applications.

There still lack a skilled digital workforce, and this is making daily medical operations more challenging. However, with the increasing security concerns related to the sensitive patient information breach and other cyber-attacks, the reformation of augmentation in the IoT healthcare market is a sure thing.

According to the study, by components, the IoT healthcare market is segmented as medical devices, services, systems and software, and connectivity technology. Amid the forecasted time, the highest CAGR is expected for the systems and software segment.

IoT applications within the healthcare industry facilitate significant tasks including improving patient outcomes and take some burden off health practitioners. Indeed, the internet of things-enabled solutions has made remote monitoring in the healthcare sector possible.

This has also unleashed the potential to keep patients and their families safe and healthy – at the same time, empowering physicians to deliver superlative care and real-time treatment amid the widespread pandemic.

This is certainly because they build a high degree of smart characteristics – while meeting interoperability challenges. Unquestionably, the internet of healthcare things (IoHT) in terms of processes, service delivery, and systems hold the capability to transform the entire healthcare ecosystem – leading to high-tech remote healthcare services.

It will eventually augment the norms for patient care and users by increasing efficiency in diagnosis and treatment, maximizing patient outreach, alongside of minimizing the operational costs.

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