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Impact of Acing Digital Acumen on Corporate Success

By Umme Sutarwala - May 12, 2022 3 Mins Read

Traditional methods of gaining a sustainable competitive edge are no longer thriving in the age of digital disruption. The new competitive requirement for success of enterprises is the adoption of a new suite of digital technologies, including social, cloud, mobile, and data analytics. Simply put, their survival is jeopardized if they do not dramatically increase their digital aptitude.

Given the rapid pace of digital change, technology will play an increasingly vital role in all aspects of every business. As companies progress, it’s critical that they hire additional resources in the core IT role, dismantle any residual silos, and improve communication.

Here are a few ways how developing digital acumen helps businesses succeed.

Improved customer attentiveness 

People, not technology, facilitate better collaboration, reduce silos, and improve performance. As new technologies or processes are implemented, business leaders must consistently encourage their employees to accept new ways of working, seek out learning opportunities, and grow their abilities.

People and customers benefit significantly from digital. It enables organizations to create and deliver products to their target audiences more quickly. Customers will benefit from a smooth, intuitive e-commerce purchasing experience. It also uses real-time robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and analytics to optimize industrial operations and make work safer for employees.

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Upskilling the employees across all business functions in these competencies immediately leads to increased customer focus and experience. Leaders must make wise business decisions based on what the data is telling them and make use of digital platforms to make their lives and tasks simpler once staff can successfully comprehend the data. It will have an influence on their company’s dependability, production, and customer results. Businesses can reimagine the customer experience while also innovating the employee experience when digital adoption and literacy skills are integrated across the whole workplace, not just in IT. The two are inextricably linked.

Attracting Talent and Retaining IT culture

Building digital competence across the company is ensuring firms are attracting and retaining the right individuals for modern requirements. Today, businesses are increasingly focusing on seeking potential candidates with a distinct set of skills – both technical and human skills and in some situations, companies need to look outside their industry to find the right candidate that fits their requirements. This could be the hook for good skillsets to opt for a job outside of their regular zone. Enhanced digital acumen provides many workers something interesting to work on and learn, and when it comes to newer-generation employees, these digital skills and tools are ones that they want to work on.

When companies employ, promote, and collaborate with people from various professional backgrounds and viewpoints, it helps to improve the IT culture. The key to doing this is to encourage IT teams to assist them in understanding the commercial benefit of implementing new capabilities. They achieve this when they work with people outside of their team and form new cross-functional and cross-business alliances. More varied viewpoints are brought to the table via more collaborative working teams. Knowledge, cooperation, and a variety of views are all essential for achieving success and remaining on track with company objectives.

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Umme Sutarwala

Umme Sutarwala is a Global News Correspondent with OnDot Media. She is a media graduate with 2+ years of experience in content creation and management. Previously, she has worked with MNCs in the E-commerce and Finance domain

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