IBM Integrates Watson Platform in Project Debater NLP Technology

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IBM Integrates Watson Platform in Project Debater NLP Technology

IBM’s upgrade to Watson’s NLP capabilities showed up via Project Debater.

IBM is commercializing its natural language processing (NLP) technology, Project Debator, which has been integrated with the IBM Watson platform. The new enhanced product will use AI to help many businesses to analyze human languages and handle complex topics, demonstrating how machine intelligence can debate with humans on complex issues. The Project Debater technology was in development from 2012 and now will be commercialized via Watson platform.

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We live in a digital world that is flooded with various information, misinformation, and apparent thinking. It has been hard for AI tools to detect and understand a difficult topic. This new technology pushes the AI limit to facilitate intelligent debate to help businesses build well-informed arguments and make wiser decisions. IBM believes that adding more conversational human language and reasoning will help many enterprises tackle complex situations – by building persuasive arguments to offer enhanced customer experience.

The company is focused on NLP with Project Debator by analyzing the vast number of available documents – to understand complicated word schemes like idioms as well as conversational phrases. It is intended to serve multiple sectors like healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing, starting in late 2020. Besides, it will be convenient in many areas, including customer service, sentiment analysis, and more.

According to Sriram Raghavan, VP at IBM Research AI, mentioned in the company blog post, “Our goal is to offer IBM Watson clients the ability to apply Project Debater’s NLP capabilities to everyday tasks, whether it is assisting attorneys with trial preparation, promoting more civil discourse in online forums or identifying financial facts that either support or undermine an investment strategy.”

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Clearly, the technology has been designed to keep up with the modern age’s robust texts for identifying arguments, create a speech, and refute opponents – to avoid daily business challenges. Simply put, this technology will help businesses make evidence-based conclusions when the answers are not absolute!

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