How the CIO Role Will Evolve In 2022

How the CIO Role Will Evolve In 2022
2020 established the role of the CIO as a savvy business advisor. The role will only become more critical and demanding in the new year.  Their profile as successful executives is growing, but trial by the fire is not over yet.

In the coming year, the two tasks squarely under the purview of CIOs are- creating more efficient organizations   through automation, and hybrid work technology implementations,. By 2024, these developments will lead nearly one-third of corporate teams to operate without a boss.

The growing impact of the omicron variant is leading companies to once again adjust their operating models, without reverting completely too early pandemic playbooks. A response to these changes, too, will require involvement of the CIO.

Here are five analyst predictions on the scope of the CIO role for 2022:

  • CIO job gains revenue metric

In the coming year, one in 10 tech execs will get their performance tracked on revenue, according to Forrester projections. 

Right now, not many people in the technological world are holding revenue focused positions. Instead, the performance of top technology executives  is measured based on their revenue sources, rather than the dollar value.

With an accelerated convergence  between technology leaders  and the business stakeholders, leadership executives are likely to take on explicit revenue targets in the coming year.

Companies that strive to integrate technology as closely as possible with business, believe that this strategy will help advance that alignment.

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  • CIO, the holistic leader

Over the years , the CIO qualifications were seen as back-end technology service operations. But this year it will be more of  a close advisor on business strategies or operations, 2022 will show that CIOs can advise and execute more widely in many areas of business.

Now, CIOs will use technology, manage data and usage, protect data, and deliver usable intelligence, in addition to keeping the proverbial lights on.

  • CIOs vs. the fluidity of hybrid work

CIOs will support remote  working operations  in 2020 and this will enable them to operate under the pressure of many businesses. 

In 2022, CIOs will need to address the challenges of hybrid activity under very challenging conditions, as the rise in diversity examines systems in place during the second half of 2021.

Responding to the demands of the hybrid work will be a big part of the CIO’s job next year.

  • CIO as chief of staff

With technology playing a critical role  in many parts of the organization, next year the CIO will stay more in the centre stage of operations, rather than on the side-lines.

The role will evolve from the Information Officer being seen as the ‘chief of staff’ to the C-suite who is trusted to provide advice. A key part of the guidance the head of IT can provide is about how to transform their companies into digital businesses that can respond to the changing expectations of customers, employees, and regulators.

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  • CIO, a public-facing role

With increased technology adoption in an organization, CIOs get professional credit for  their involvement in organizational transformation strategies.

This will expand the CIO role to become a more public-facing, company-wide role, which leads strategy and execution. This is a step up from merely identifying  tech solutions -to addressing the organization’s organisational innovation, and digital transformation.

Although CIOs and CTOs of the past often operated within the confines of their departments, now companies are adopting a deeply integrated technology approach, a movement driven by active technology leaders.

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