How Organizations Can Rethink the Employee Professional Brand Amid Hybrid Work Culture

How Organizations Can Rethink the Employee Professional Brand Amid Hybrid Work Culture

The sudden remote work practices have fostered better collaboration and authenticity among professionals globally.

Given the current market scenario, employees are no longer burdened by how they “want” to be noticed at work – but by who they are. HR and business leaders across organizations have been considering a new professional brand as life is now hybrid, and employees are embracing it.

In a recent Accenture study, “The future of work: A hybrid work model“, nearly 83% of workers said they prefer a hybrid model. This represents that more people seek to work remotely – for at least 25% of the time. Hence, many employers have moved beyond physical location to shape the future of work.

Certainly, employees today demand resources tailored to their professional needs. As individuals are most likely to pursue this work and lifestyle transformation, organizational leaders are gearing up to mold traditional practices to suit this new-age workforce better.

The study questions why it is believed it will be a worthwhile goal for organizations to pursue? The answer comes as organizations will see bottom-line benefits from having a workforce that is Net Better Off. About 63% of high-growth organizations have enabled productivity anywhere workforce models.

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Even if some companies plan to start moving back into the workplace, the industry leaders suggest they need to be clear about if this is a highly polished – perhaps unrealistic version of employee brands really netting them the outcomes they want?

It is crucial for an organization to prioritize work-life alignment. However, it is simply not attainable. The concept of balancing these two aspects has been tossed around in career and health discussions for many years- but now, the time is different. Thus, employers need to keep the company policies updated for employees to find that alignment.

Indeed, business leaders need to be cognizant of the situation and create a setting that respects employees’ set period to work every day. If the job is done and client or customer requirements are met, they should be allowed to participate in personal matters. This will help in improve morale and keep meeting the business expectations.

This new work ecosystem is an excellent opportunity for HR professionals and business decision-makers to connect with workers at a different level. And this is a smart way for companies to market themselves and become more prominent with healthy engagements – be it from employees, customers, or clients.

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The pandemic has given the gift of seeing people in a more natural environment – watching them virtually work from anywhere and being productive in most cases. Employers have an easy opportunity to brand themselves and stand out, being innovative and employee-centric – fuelling their ultimate business goals.

Undoubtedly, every workplace is unique, and every domain, every team has its expertise and needs. While the world is adapting and figuring out how to sustain, bigger organizations are busy listening and providing a workplace that lets employees know they care and support – setting up a new standard. My only motto for many companies is – let’s give employees a place to work that treats them more ‘humanly’.

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