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How iPaaS Empowers Businesses (Still in 2023!)

By Apoorva Kasam - December 05, 2022 4 Mins Read

Time-consuming traditional middleware solutions and custom-coded integrations are no longer feasible in this digital age. With the increased adoption of cloud technology and    SaaS applications, implementing middleware and building custom integrations has become more complicated.

iPaaS (integrated Platform as a Service) offers a flexible and cost-effective way for businesses to manage infrastructure and maintain burden. Security, governance, and updates are all in the hands of a trusted solution provider after an organization subscribes to the service. It can handle the demands of SaaS applications, enabling connection to any applications or databases.

iPaaS solutions offer data integration requirements to enterprises which makes it the most profitable method to exchange data within an enterprise both internally or externally between CRM/e-commerce and ERP/marketplace applications. Here are a few reasons how iPaaS empowers businesses. As per a recent report by Gartner, “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service” the iPaaS market has recorded rapid growth and generated $3.47 billion in revenue during 2020 growing by 38.7%. In 2025, the market is expected to grow further and exceed $9 billion in revenue.

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Centralizes and Amalgamates Integration

With iPaaS, the organization via a single web-based interface can create, deploy, monitor, and manage the integration which will then be centralized and easily accessible to users.

Amplifies Scalability

iPaaS solution offers the organization to easily scale and rapidly create many connections as it needs at any point in time without additional investments in labour and infrastructure.

Strengthens Security and Compliance

iPaaS possess sophisticated capabilities of detecting and warding off potential attacks, intruders, and fraudulent activities against threats and reducing the risk of security breaches. Additionally, iPaaS is intelligently designed to support businesses that adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Scales Down Costs

The company’s integration costs increase when its application environment expands. iPaaS eliminates expensive custom-coded integrations gradually reducing the expenses related to maintaining and managing integrations.

Pilots Hyper automation

The iPaaS solution can jump-start enterprise-wide integration and assist in the management of an ever-increasing volume of data and applications. iPaaS makes hyper automation a reality for the organization.

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Amends Architectural and Licensing Models

iPaaS eliminates the restrictions of architectural and licensing models for an ESB or other legacy middleware. A shared CPU licensing model or a shared computer platform no longer binds the integration, as iPaaS modifies the engagement rules and controls it in a way that the entire integration would collaborate.

iPaaS solutions permit the enterprise to deploy an integration runtime engine wherever they want. These solutions offer an “always open” multichannel digital platform which connects data, applications, processes, devices, and people.

Aids Low Code Development

Due to its low-code nature, it indicates point and click and drag and drop capabilities that allow developers to visually map out integration and recruit prebuilt connectors. It provides a great productivity gain while advancing the organization to digital transformation.

This solution gives leverage to the developers to solve any kind of integration complexities across on premise and cloud applications. As a result, the integration is accomplished without any technical knowledge.

Exceptional Customer Experiences

By firmly integrating back-end data and applications for instantaneous collaborative communications to the web as well as mobile devices, the iPaaS platform offers a new and dedicated customer experience.

Remarkable Decision Making

iPaaS can reduce the gap between business intelligence and data entry, companies will have the advantage to track real-time data about operations and make decisions precisely.

It also reduces the time taken to discover relevant details as it works on the cloud and can gain data from various multiple devices.

Protected Gateway

iPaaS is efficient and capable to transfer data in a more secure way without demanding customer codes. This solution can minimize the risk of security breaches as it offers essential security features and measures which provide maximum protection.

iPaaS offers the framework to integrate SaaS, and first-party services with scale and speed and has a massive scope in large companies and SMEs.

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Apoorva Kasam

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