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How Enterprises Can Utilize IoT for Streamlined Business Functionalities

By Sudipta Choudhury - May 18, 2021 3 Mins Read

How Enterprises Can Utilize IoT for Streamlined Business Functionalities

Advanced IoT framework can help technology leaders simplify business Functionalities and bypass the complexities that digital transformation brings.

Given the increased digital transformation plans across industries, business leaders and entrepreneurs are required to have more information about business Functionalities and related customer interactions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers sensing and remote control of physical aspects for an organization, including products and equipment. However, the complications and diversities of these technologies, use cases, and innovative solutions can impact the technology and business decision-makers.

In reference to the updated IoT framework by Forrester, IT and other technology leaders can categorize IoT into three basic structures – driven by the three subsets of stakeholders. These involve product IoT, operations IoT, and ecosystem IoT.

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The major concept of IoT deals with a choice of business use cases, different stakeholders, and a range of technology sizes and complexities. These are easy to implement with digital identity, remote sensing, and automated control.

However, for many organizations, it could be tricky to understand how and where to begin. As a result, Forrester has modernized its IoT operations framework in order to guide enterprises on how to break down business focuses around IoT into simpler modules.

The three innovative business outlines revolve around real-world business processes. Even though stakeholders and scenarios are different, they are still dependent on the stakeholder creating, watching, or using the internet-connected resources.

Since all internet-connected devices are standard, and mostly enterprise in nature (except domestic IoT devices), the Forrester team, led by Frank Gillett, VP, Principal Analyst has come up with possible recommendations about IoT usage and business Functionalities in a largely digitized world.

  • Scenario 1:The creators power a product IoT – Creators formulate the associated vision for a thing – for instance, a building. The project managers, as well as product designers, can then choose the experiences they want to activate.

This could be achieved by incorporating the connected sensors along with remote control. It will help to enable relevant experiences for the B2B customers, in general consumers, and employees.

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  • Scenario 2: The users can augment operations IoT – As Frank Gillett explains, “Consumers, employees, or operations managers work with connected things, such as a coffee maker or a forklift, that have IoT-connected capabilities.”

He continued that “Users are doing the best they can to get through their daily tasks and workflow, using whatever useful features help them work faster, better, and more efficiently.”

  • Scenario 3:The observers use the ecosystem IoT – For any business or stakeholder that desires to understand more about the existing physical world (outside of their own domain) will require to look out and enter the available sources of data.

Such scenarios will vary for various business operations, products, and business ecosystems. The technology researchers believe that the CIOs, CMOs, and CTOs, who want to understand more about transforming customer experience, improving the employee experience, and strengthening the operational processes, can benefit from this program.

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