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How COVID-19 has transformed IT for Good

By Vishal Muktewar - March 22, 2021 3 Mins Read

How COVID-19 has transformed IT for Good-01

Since its proliferation across the world, COVID-19 has transformed the way enterprises operate and has busted a few preconceived notions that were prevalent in the IT department. For better or worse, COVID-19 has transformed IT forever.

In early 2020, the COVID-19 struck IT department forcing them to pivot from long-established operations and processes while also identifying and deploying acceptable alternatives at a much faster pace. As the threat seems to be receding gradually, IT leaders are witnessing a transformed landscape. They are curious as well as equally confused on how essential operations and practices will fit in the “new normal” business environment. With basic changes already in place, here are a few ways that COVID-19 has transformed IT for good:

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  • The rise of agility as a necessity

 The sudden arrival of COVID-19 shocked the enterprise landscape to its core, forcing many organizations to seek alternatives to long-established business operations. Hence, adapting to this sudden change, the agile mindset came to the rescue. It has not only enabled enterprises to understand customer behavior but also enabled them to fail distributed chains.

Enterprises that will continue with ingrained agility in their enterprise-wide practices will be better equipped to embrace and handle radical changes in the future.

  • The acceleration of digital transformation

COVID-19’s arrival pressured enterprises to quickly accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. With strict rules around social distancing, and the necessity to adopt remote work, businesses had no choice but to adopt a digital presence that they didn’t have before. Today, digital transformation has become a necessity for enterprises across the globe.

It is observed that CIOs’ risk tolerance has significantly increased as they had no choice but to deploy more nascent technology to keep their businesses afloat. Also, enterprises sought out creative ways to adjust to the rapidly changing automation request. The arrival of COVID-19 has shown enterprises that they can indeed transform at a much faster pace even in the face of extreme adversity.

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  • Acceptance of collaboration

 The pandemic drove the need for IT teams to strengthen their relationships with entire departments. By making alliances with internal and external partners, IT staff has gained the knowledge and resources for staying ahead of their competitors.

The pandemic has shown enterprises the need to recognize the value of inherent partner collaboration. As per experts, this trend will continue as enterprises look forward to innovating and protecting their competitive position in the marketplace.

  • Driving threat awareness

COVID-19 has surprised IT leaders and has changed their perspective on security. Since most enterprises’ infrastructure weren’t suitable to handle technology-rooted emerging threats, a few have seen how they can hurt critical operations.

Today IT, as well as business leaders have understood the critical nature of communicable threats such as COVID-19. Now, IT leaders are creating defined strategies for their business continuity/disaster recovery plans. Such plans will enable enterprises to prepare for worse scenarios and activate such plans to be future ready if a situation ever arises again.

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