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Digital Transformation – How Cloud Services Are Helping Enterprises Tackle Challenges

By Sudipta Choudhury - July 22, 2020 3 Mins Read

How Cloud Services Are Helping Enterprises Tackle Challenges

Many organizations have turned to the cloud and scaled up their technology infrastructure in the light of the pandemic.

In order to keep up and running with the new levels of demand, the widespread COVID-19
crisis has forced most businesses to go digital. The latest Aptum report highlights how cloud services are helping organizations to adopt new technology and respond to uncertainty.

Around 400 senior IT professionals were surveyed from the US, UK, and Canada across
different sectors – including IT, financial services, telecommunications, technology, retail,

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The organizations that had adopted cloud technologies before the economic downturn are
well-positioned to deal with the crisis. Nearly 48% of businesses revealed that they have
been able to meet surging demand and offer critical services to their customers.

Besides, most business leaders are positive in their organization’s business continuity due to various managed cloud services. The implementation of the cloud is highly essential for long-term sustainability as well as profitability. The rewards for it have swiftly become apparent for businesses.

Unsurprisingly, the managed cloud services provide the business leaders with more
confidence to maintain and adjust to their business strategies.

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Susan Bowen, CEO and President at Aptum, says in the report, “The pandemic could easily bring business processes and productivity to a stop. Yet, this study shows how cloud services have been used to adapt and respond to the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, in addition to many cases of continuing to function.”

Some principal findings from the study are –

a] Nearly 38% of the respondents reported that they have scaled infrastructure for different demands to manage costs.
b] About 48% of the businesses indicated to have adopted cloud solutions to offer their customers with critical services.
c] Around 76% of the organizations revealed that they are using cloud services, including Microsoft Office 365 – for facilitating remote working models.

Basically, a vast majority of the organizations did not initially foresee the market uncertainty as a use case for the managed cloud services. It was found many companies realized the potential of cloud to quickly scale and deploy new services – especially in terms of work from home mandate.

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Craig Tavares, Global Head of Cloud at Aptum, as mentioned in the company blog post – “As we navigate the economic effects of COVID-19, now is the time for businesses to ensure any response measures that were put in place quickly are now robust and enterprise-grade. This will allow organizations to continue to accommodate long periods of remote working and distributed workforces.”

It is high time for the non-cloud enabled organizations to prioritize the adoption of the right
cloud technologies in the post-Coronavirus world – to drive business resilience and security.


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