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How CIOs can cultivate a culture of growth and innovation

By Swapnil Mishra - March 01, 2022 4 Mins Read

How CIOs can cultivate a culture of growth and innovation-01

Having leaders who believe in the organization’s mission and values will significantly motivate and energize the entire organization, which will affect the bottom line positively.

Considering a company’s culture in a setting where employees spend a significant amount of time away from their families, case, the organization must have the right leaders in place to foster an inviting culture. When a business has the right leaders in place, the company culture can outperform the expectations of its employees.

There are several common themes among successful businesses with strong corporate cultures. It could be that they are unambiguous about their values and the organization’s objectives. They understand that each company is unique and that leaders must deliberate about the culture to thrive. They must embody it, breathe it, and be authentic in their portrayal of it.

There are some ways CIOs can contribute towards the development and fostering of a strong company culture:

Empower employees by establishing trust

Encourage employees to take ownership of their decisions and be accountable for them. Allow them to learn, grow, and act freely. Trust is an excellent means of empowering them.

Hold culture discussions with senior leaders

The company culture begins with the CEO and filters down through the organization via the CEO’s messages to the senior leadership team. The CEO’s role is to facilitate discussions through their humility, vulnerability, and openness, while also utilizing the brainpower in the room and allowing senior leadership to weigh in on conversations. This will not only increase buy-in but will also provide them with opportunities to have their voices heard.

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Establish a growth coaching path that instils a sense of value, respect, and appreciation in every employee 

Each employee desires to know that they contribute to the success of the company for which they work, and the knowledge that the company cares enough about them to invest in them. CIOs can accomplish this by scheduling monthly one-on-one coaching calls or in-person meetings with employees to develop a personal development plan and provide feedback on their progress to keep them on track. It is important to remember that employees are genuinely motivated when they feel valued, respected, and appreciated and when their leaders demonstrate genuine concern. It has a significant impact on employee morale and contributes to positive company culture.

Establish a secure environment

It is essential for employees to feel secure in their ability to share their perspectives and ideas openly, honestly, and transparently, without fear of retaliation at work. CIOs can foster this environment of trust by hosting town halls, company progress panel discussions, workplace committees, or internal workshops, all of which have the potential to transform conversations and have a positive impact. By establishing a common language of understanding, listening to employees, and providing a channel for employees to bring up issues for resolution, CIOs can set the tone for employees to understand that they are heard.

Ensure that new employees are properly on boarded

Without a doubt, having an on boarding program is critical for setting the tone for the new hires’ success. Begin by assuring them of their understanding of the company’s culture. Employers frequently overlook this, resulting in a misalignment at the heart of the business. They must ensure they understand the company’s culture and how they can contribute to its success.

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Establish an on boarding program that outlines a strategy, provides a checklist for new hires to follow and connects them with buddies or mentors who can assist them in adjusting to their work environment and roles. This is critical to their success and the retention programs of the company.

Once CIOs identify what works and keeps employee morale high (in other words, why employees enjoy coming to work), they should do everything possible to maintain and develop that culture. Leading by example and demonstrating and embodying the optimum culture that wants to permeate will set the expectations for the organization and the employees. It benefits the organization’s growth, employees’ success, and the leadership brand.

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