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How can CIOs Stay Relevant in Today’s Enterprise Environment

By Vishal Muktewar - March 11, 2021 4 Mins Read

As the digital transformation journey of many enterprises is speeding up, it is becoming difficult for CIOs to keep up with the constantly changing business demands. However, knowing where to get the right information can help them to stay relevant in the long-run.

2020 posed a massive challenge for CIOs across the world, since they needed to transform the business model of their enterprises to digital ones in no time. Entering 2021, it is becoming increasingly difficult for CIOs to keep with the continuously changing and evolving demand of their enterprises.

To stay relevant and abreast with today’s evolving enterprise landscape, CIOs need to build fool-proof strategies.

Anshu Agrawal
Anshu Agarwal, CEO, Nimbella

According to Anshu Agarwal, CEO, Nimbella, “CIOs can stay relevant by not just managing IT but by leveraging technology that creates value for the business in a way that is future-protected. The CIOs must make sure they are thinking about the problem holistically.”

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Today, CIOs must be open to experimentation as well as ask for help whenever possible.

Getting Insights from Sales Department

Since the sales team is often the one on the frontlines with the enterprise’s customers, they can provide insight into customers’ behavior. They can provide what parts of the product or service are still working and are relevant to them. Furthermore, this insight can also enable CIOs to improve and enhance their products while delivering exceptional customer service.

Consulting with other CIOs

By frequently getting in touch with other CIOs and IT thought leaders, a CIO can get real-world insights into what technology has worked for enterprises in the industry. Consulting with others also helps to get needed insights without the noise and marketing pitches from different vendors.

Instigating a Culture of Ideas and Innovation

One of the key aspects of staying relevant in today’s enterprise landscape is to invest in the workforce. CIOs need to build a culture where there’s room for agile innovation that focuses on the employees within the enterprises. They should always be open to new ideas and create a team that prioritizes problem-solving.

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Redefining the Role of Technology

Since most enterprises are on a stringent budget, it is important that every new technology CIOs want to add to the technology stack makes a strong case for business value. As per Anusha Agarwal, “Instead of just bringing the technologies that are needed to operate day by day operations, the CIOs today need to be on the lookout for technologies that creates value for the business and not just solves the needs of the business.

For example: If some technology platform can make the developers more productive and efficient, it will result in taking the product faster to the market hence creating accelerated value for the business.”


 In today’s uncertain times, trying to break something in favor of the new technology can appear scary and unreasonable. However, if CIOs don’t take steps to modernize themselves, they won’t be able to future-protect their enterprise. As Anshu Agarwal reflects, “No CIO likes to break what is working, but today’s CIO needs to look into modernization so it is future-protected.

For example: Movement to the cloud-native technologies has been happening, but CIOs need to make sure they are not locking themselves to one cloud and are adopting platforms that enable them to be hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud.”

The current digital transformation and the introduction of innovative technologies are unlikely to slow down in the coming months or years. Hence, it is crucial that CIOs follow the above practices that will not only help them to stay relevant but also enable them to make their mark in the industry.

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