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How Augmented Reality Simplifies Manufacturing Processes

By Debjani Chaudhury - June 28, 2019 3 Mins Read

How Augmented Reality Simplifies Manufacturing Processes

Using the integrated strength of 3D and IoT, Augmented Reality experiences help enhances efficiency by enabling a more productive environment for workers and customers.

Augmented Reality applications offer higher flexibility and enormous potential in numerous areas for maintenance, training, and assembly, in a manufacturing line. It plays a prominent role in all industrial sectors like the automotive, aircraft, or manufacturing industries. Before 2016, augmented reality in the manufacturing industry was nothing more than a mere dream. The manufacturing industry is one of the sectors where both Augmented and Virtual Reality are creating waves on the manufacturing plant floor.

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Incorporating Augmented Reality, companies have optimized operational efficiency by cutting down production downtime with quick incidents identification. In manufacturing shop floors, data helps the workshop resources with insights to take correct decisions.

“Smart glasses” were successfully tested by manufacturing giant companies like Coca-Cola, Boeing, and General Electric. For Boeing, Augmented reality not only helped in speeding up the assembly activities of aircraft nodes but also drastically reduced the technical failure chances by half. For Coca-Cola, Augmented reality has drastically reduced the time spent on maintenance of facilities, since the workers had to move from one factory to another, due to multiple production locations across the globe. General Electric uses Augmented Reality for manufacturing in their US plant, reducing the probability of failures drastically with 60% workers relying on it for all day-to-day routine. Every product manufactured follows a set of assembly instructions putting together thousands of components in a precise sequence as fast as possible. Even in the aerospace manufacturing process, assembly assistance is aided by projectors to indicate the next part placement.

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In terms of assembly, engineers need not rely on schematics and get the work done directly following inputs from AR. This will reduce the production lead time by enhancing machine service turnaround. The assembly processes require intricate working and assembling hundreds of small parts correctly and at a fast pace, duplicating a lengthy technical document pdf. Companies hire specialized individuals to interpret and write such documents. With the magic of AR coming in, all these processes become simplified and interactive. A boon for the manufacturing companies to manage and repair machines and equipment, it contributes significantly to efficient and agile maintenance by Predictive insights.

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The fact that intricate manufacturing tasks can be simplified and made faster-using AR proves the gripping demand for AR adaption in the manufacturing industry. Augmented Reality is exploring more and more sophisticated functionalities for transforming manufacturing processes immensely. In today’s complicated economic conditions with stiff competition in a globalized world, any remarkable efficiency growth of internal business processes can lead to a significant advantage on the market.

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