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How a Right Strategic Partner Adds Value to Digital Transformation

By Sneha Bokil - June 24, 2020 2 Mins Read

A recent report from Forrester says it is important for businesses to select right strategic partners, during their digital transformation journey

Digital transformation can be seen as a strategic decision for enterprises in times such as the pandemic, and it is no wonder that there has been an increase in transformation efforts across industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order for businesses to execute their digital transformation agendas, it is extremely important to select the right partners. This also helps them in setting the correct agenda to prioritize initiatives based on their most immediate business impact.

Digital Transformation 2.0 Stepping into the Post-Corona Era With Revised Considerations

The Forrester report ‘Now Tech: Digital Transformation Services, Q2 2020’ evaluated 35 of the leading digital business transformation services providers. The research firm has divided the digital transformation market into four areas of client focus.

Innovation and transformation of business models

It is essential to focus on innovation in terms of customer experience and operations, and at the same time create disruptive businesses and products to deliver outcomes that will be valued by customers in different new ways.

Focus on customer experiences

Businesses need to deliver easy as well as effective customer experiences that satisfy customer needs and result in desired outcomes.

Bring significant transformation in operations

Operational focus on things customers’ value is important while improving employee
experiences and business process effectiveness.

Build new tech ecosystems

Build platforms and establish partnerships to accelerate and scale the business in service of

With the right partners, enterprises can execute their transformation agenda and also tweak and prioritize initiatives based on their most immediate business impact. On the other hand, if the collaboration is not a good fit, it will not only occupy the scarce resources for months but also leave the entire executive team feeling the digital transformation brunt.

Top Reasons Why Companies Fail in their Digital Transformation Efforts

Organizations can apply fresh digital capabilities to reduce costs, improve operational agility, and increase revenue. This can be achieved irrespective of where the company stands today amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses need to focus on the scarce resources for their digital transformation journey in the current cash-flow-challenged economy. During this time it is especially crucial to have the right transformation partner.

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