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Global SASE Market Valuation Will Reach Nearly $11.29 Billion by 2028

By Sudipta Choudhury - August 27, 2021 3 Mins Read

The worldwide secure access service edge (SASE) market valuation is projected to touch $11.29 billion by 2028, reveals a recent Research And Markets study.

The modern age networking technologies are complex and quite challenging to manage but easy for cybercriminals to intrude. The increased preference for remote working practices has eventually raised traffic across public clouds, reveals a new study.

The research study titled “Secure Access Service Edge Market Report 2021” has led to the rising dependence on data centers – which further adds to the risks associated with data security. In this circumstance, there has been a widespread demand to ensure secure access to data as well as networks.

This sudden market interest in advanced technology is driving the necessity for augmented network strategies and technologies. Basically, the subsequent need for a unified, simplified plan to strengthen the overall network security has resulted in the emergence of SASE. It will register a CAGR of 36.4% for the forecasted period.

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Today, SASE architecture comprises the abilities of network security services – including zero-trust, CASB, and FWaaS. It also involves software-defined WAN capabilities linked in a unified platform to support organizations to assure easy and secure access to data or networks.

As per the industry experts, SASE architecture simplifies the IT infrastructure and unloads organizations from the burden of managing and updating multiple cybersecurity systems. It also allows organizations to save on the costs acquired on procuring different security solutions.

Certainly, such solutions help businesses quickly implement data protection policies. In reality, all these benefits are propelling the popularity of SASE frameworks among different industry verticals.

The pandemic and the subsequent restrictions implemented by various governments related to it have impacted the movement of people, and other usual events across the world, including the sudden switch to the remote working model.

However, the remote working norms have also triggered several challenges associated with employees’ productivity and security governance. Companies are also exposed to greater levels of cybersecurity risks than ever amid the digital era.

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Some key highlights from the study are –

  • The platform segment has accounted for more than 70% of the overall revenue share in 2020. Basically, the growing preference for remote working continued to push the demand for a unified security solution that can offer the capacities of several network security settings.
  • The demand for SASE was more critical among IT & telecom enterprises in 2020. The requirement to filter contents spanning edges and ensure dynamic security framework management continued to drive the choice of SASE among IT and telecom companies.
  • North America had dominated the worldwide market in 2020 and is most likely to remain to govern over the forecast period.
  • Effective implementation of security standards, aggressive IT spending, and the continued rollout of the digital workforce by businesses across the US and Canada – are some of the factors that will drive the regional market.

As a result, enterprises are looking forward to implementing improved security frameworks. The growing requirement to establish effective security frameworks while ensuring convenient access to data and information for employees (using an integrated approach) is projected to drive the adoption of SASE frameworks.

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