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Four Ways to Rejuvenate Your IT Leadership Career

By Vishal Muktewar - January 27, 2022 4 Mins Read

IT leaders who feel stuck in their careers should take a step back and evaluate their situation. They should reflect on their achievements and challenges so far and find opportunities that will excite them later.

IT leadership roles are undoubtedly one of the most dynamic careers in today’s marketplace. Not only do they help the individuals to understand the evolving complexities of today’s industries but they also provide a fulfilling career by constantly exposing them to new opportunities. Yet, even after such fulfilling career opportunities, there’s still one issue that many IT leaders refrain from sharing but struggle with it later in their careers: boredom. Unfortunately, the victims of boredom generally suffer in silence as the career that once was exciting and stimulating to them has settled into a seemingly endless series of dull routines.

However, boredom can be far more detrimental than just working on the same routines, it can potentially become a catalyst to kill careers. Not only can it hurt one’s chances of receiving a promotion during their career progression, but it can also ruin the dynamic in the team or the interpersonal relationships at work.

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Thus to deal with this, IT leaders need to find ways to keep their roles or career captivating. To jump start their career into action, they should consider the below approaches to restore interest and motivation:

  • Consider changing role

IT is continuously evolving, offering an endless range of fresh skills and challenges. If an IT leader is not excited about the responsibilities and opportunities that their current job offers, then they should look at different areas within their industry before deciding to leave the industry altogether.

Another way they can make progress is by lateral movement either within their enterprise or at a competitor’s firm. Additionally, skills developed specifically to one area within IT can be transferred to another with minimal training or minor damage to their reputation or income.

  • Join as a faculty

One more way for IT leaders to thrive in their field and keep polishing their skills alongside simultaneously earning extra income is by becoming part-time college or university adjunct professors. To embark on this journey, IT leaders should contact adjunct IT faculty staff at relevant institutions for advice. Later on, they should audit a few courses to observe the teaching methodologies and volunteer to guest lecture at local schools.

Becoming an adjunct faculty member can be prestigious and remunerative at the same time.

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  • Becoming mentor

Mentoring provides IT leaders a fulfilling and productive way to take a step back from their daily hustle while helping the organizations to build and retain highly-skilled, motivated staff members. IT leaders should be accessible, honest, and maintain confidentiality during discussions to become good mentors.

To start their mentoring journey, IT leaders should draw on their knowledge and experience to build talented teams that are prepared to face any challenges. In addition, having an understanding of the specific skill set that the staff members need to adopt enables IT leaders to properly mentor and groom individuals.

  • Establish an outreach program

Helping others in their IT pursuit can help IT leaders in unexpected ways. Therefore, IT leaders should think about volunteering which can be a productive and satisfying way to achieve a balanced life.

Besides helping to lift others’ spirits, outreach programs can also positively impact the public profile of the enterprise. IT leaders often have connections depending on the third-party partners they collaborate with. Getting these vendors involved in a public initiative can lead to the synergy that can benefit all parties involved.

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