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Four Ways to Hire and Retain the Best IT Talent

By Vishal Muktewar - July 13, 2021 3 Mins Read

Four Ways to Hire and Retain the Best IT Talent

Employing the best IT talent is increasingly becoming difficult for organizations as most people in the workforce reassess their priorities and goals due to the pandemic. Therefore, CIOs should rethink their hiring practices and should reform their strategies to attract top IT talent as well retain them for the long-term growth of the organization.

The battle for hiring top IT talent has been raging in recent years. However, the battle has never been fiercer than it is today. CIOs, who understand the importance of hiring top-tier talent, are the ones in a position to keep their organizations competitive in a continual tech disruption environment.

According to experts, the labor shortage for highly skilled employees isn’t expected to end anytime soon. Therefore, CIOs should take steps to hire the best IT talent who will not only be attracted to better incentives and salaries offered by the company, but also its work culture and goals.

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Keeping an open mind

CIOs should review all job postings and descriptions to ensure they don’t have requirements that could be excluding qualified diverse candidates. They should expand the list of candidates with positive traits; have a different or underrepresented perspective in the organization. Furthermore, to retain the top talent once they have been hired, IT leaders should ensure their working procedures, as well as workplace, are inclusive to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Selling the enterprise

Highly skilled professionals tend to be picky about the type of organization they want to join. Hence, when reaching out to them, CIOs should ensure that they showcase the organization’s purpose and values, sharing information about the organization and its tech stack, and include social as well as cultural aspects of working at the firm.

Furthermore, they should share anecdotes not only from the organization’s perspective but also from the perspective of their current employees. When candidates feel they share the same value as their potential employer, it increases the likelihood of them staying longer with the organization once hired.

Offering meaningful work

Since top talent is IT superstars they expect to be treated in the same manner. They desire to work on complex and exciting projects where they have influence on how things get done, not just what gets done. Also, they seek to grow in their present roles by learning new technologies to sharpen their skills and stay competitive.

By letting top candidates and prized employees know that the enterprise invests in career advancement and fulfillment, the chances of them accepting the offer and staying with the organization increases.

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Having a seamless recruiting process

Since top IT talent always has a few options at their disposal, they will only accept offer from firms that are highly responsive. If an organization has sloppy and tedious hiring process they may even think twice even before appearing for an interview. Therefore, CIOs should collaborate with the HR departments to create quality job description alongside a clear explanation of hiring process. Furthermore, they should have well-prepared interviewers in place who can effectively communicate with candidates throughout the process. These will increase their chances of attracting and retaining best talent.

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