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Four Ways Enterprises Should Gear Up For Perfect Cloud-Automation Value Boost

By Debjani Chaudhury - October 04, 2019 3 Mins Read

Four Ways Enterprises Should Gear Up For Perfect Cloud-Automation Value Boost

The Challenges Associated with Cloud and Automation Technology

As the cloud, aided by automation, continues to be a catalyst for global business transformation, it will certainly deliver results with measurable business value.

The key to boosting and creating this value is combining cloud technology with automation. Cognitive automation, robotics process automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are critical elements that enable cloud to run at the desired speed and scale of business. Cloud and automation are fundamentally the two dynamic building blocks that jointly provide frictionless access to services, products, and features to build, experiment, and run at market speed and scale.

However, here are a few significant barriers that organizations must remove to evolve their ways of operating, trying to get the optimum value out of the cloud:

  1. Automation of operations

The first barrier is to codify the cloud services along with the organization’s core building blocks in place to take advantage of automation. Firms need to check whether they have the right portfolio of services designed and built with the appropriate network controls, connectivity, and policies that best serve the organization. Today, consumers of cloud services want the flexibility and autonomy to promote the on-demand deployment of standardized technology flexibility and stacks integrated with their CI and CD pipelines.

  1. Operating model changes

Firms should not merely automate existing processes; they have to evaluate the body of work, where and how work gets done, and then finally who manages and executes the job. Firms need to reimagine the operating model and determine how to shrink IT debt to get the enhanced value out of automation and cloud.

  1. Culture shift to provide the best customer experience

To truly leverage the value of automation and cloud, IT organizations must shift their mindset to automate processes. This would help to build trust with their customers. It is hard to change the technology landscape and operating model without the culture of the organization shifting to provide superior services through automation.

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  1. Creating a strong strategy for an automation or cloud connection

Cloud and automation are the dynamic duos powering transformations to run at the desired market speed. But to move down the path, IT firms need to understand the business imperatives and how cloud automation can enable achieving these goals.

Firms need to start with the vision of how the organization wants to operate in the future and set the rules of cloud adoption to achieve their objectives with measurable results. Once a firm has the vision and guardrails, it can mobilize a team to evaluate opportunities to inform the build-out of automation and cloud foundational capabilities to transform the ways of working, then evangelize leading practices and services, to scale and improve over time.

Adopting all these guidelines, firms can smartly incorporate the cloud strategies, mixing them up with automation technologies to leverage the magic mix of these two leading technologies.

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