Four Strategies to Diversify IT Hiring Pipeline

Four Strategies to Diversify IT Hiring Pipeline

As diverse sets of teams have the opportunity to deliver better results and bring innovation back to the table, enterprises should consider reevaluating their hiring strategies to ensure they’re reaching qualified candidates that may not be available via traditional hiring avenues.

The Tech industry has traditionally depended on hiring new talent from colleges and universities. However, in doing so, they have limited the pool for recruiting. Such hiring practices can get in the way of recruiting talented and qualified candidates that do not fit their present hiring needs. In fact, hiring college graduates instead of non-degree holders doesn’t make any ‘material improvement in productivity, as per “Dismissed by Degrees” report from Harvard Business School, Accenture and Grads of Life.

Most often, the skills employers seek in an employee can be taught to any qualified candidate willing to learn on the job, especially third-party programs designed to connect underrepresented young people or more experienced candidates out of the job market with opportunities in IT.

Here are four ways enterprises can rethink their hiring strategy to fill skill gaps, diversify their workforce and create more opportunities for traditionally overlooked candidates:

Apprenticeship programs

Organizations seeking to diversify their IT pipeline and reimagining the hiring workflow should consider incorporating apprenticeship programs. It combines real-life work scenarios while providing tailored training and education. This will enable the candidates to gain the required exposure and skills that they’re less likely to receive at a college or university. Not only that, candidates in apprenticeship programs also learn how to navigate corporate environments. Additionally, it can also help them to create networking opportunities and thus provide an excellent opportunity for organizations looking to hire diverse candidates, hoping to bring innovation and new ideas to the board.


The Returnship program is another great opportunity for enterprises to create a more diverse workforce. These types of programs can help enterprises to hire candidates with extensive industry experience and are willing to train them to hire for their specific positions. Since finding the way back in IT can be overwhelming, many enterprises should introduce returnships programs that will help to connect qualified returners with opportunities.

Internal training programs

The pace of the enterprise landscape is changing rapidly. Hence, expecting to hire employees with the exact skill set they are looking for is not always feasible considering the ongoing skill shortage in IT. However, there are high chances of individuals in the organization who are willing to learn new skills and expand their expertise by enrolling in various training programs and certifications. Furthermore, by reaching out to diversity groups within the organization, enterprises can find out whether there is anyone who wants to enroll in the training to make the shift to IT. This way, enterprises can up skill and reskill their employees to close the skills gap in the organization.

Making partnerships with diversity organizations

One of the best ways for enterprises to diversify their IT talent pipeline is by partnering with established organizations committed to pair qualified, underrepresented candidates with opportunities in the tech industry. By making alliances with them, enterprises will have adequately trained resources to work on their specific tech roles. This is also a great way for companies to stand out from their competitors by creating opportunities for a diverse workforce.

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