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Four Questions CIOs should ask about Digital Transformation

By Vishal Muktewar - February 02, 2022 3 Mins Read

Four Questions CIOs should ask about Digital Transformation-01

Before proceeding with their digital transformation initiatives, CIOs should ask themselves a few questions that will help them prepare for any disruption and bring agility.

Preparing for change in the marketplace has always become an important element for organizations while creating a growth strategy for the organization. But, the past couple of years have revealed that organizations will not only need to be prepared for possible changes but also uncertainty and turbulence that the ecosystem can bring. To successfully achieve this, organizations should build and foster the right culture, develop suitable processes and should have the right technology in place. However, achieving this is not easy as it seems.

As per IDG’s MarketPulse survey, “Empowering Business Users for the Next Era of Digital Transformation,” found that less than a quarter of Line of Business (LOB) employees are automating their workflows, highlighting just how much of a pivot any sort of rapid transformation would bring. Advancing with the right digital transformation technology, CIOs can empower all businesses beyond simply IT and can shift their efforts to their highest capabilities at their organization.

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As CIOs embark on building and flexing agile operational readiness of their organization, here are a few questions that they should ask themselves and the organization that will guide them in their journey:

Are all the C-suite members bought in?

Like many new initiatives, it is crucial for CIOs to have buy-in from leadership that will set the right tone for business transformation related to amplifying operational agility. They should ensure that each of their professionals thoroughly understands that business-led development is the initiative of the organization. CIOs should make them aware that everyone has an important role to play and that these initiatives cannot take place in silos.

If the leadership highlights the importance of increased innovation across the entire organization, that commitment will be felt throughout the organization and will help the organization to move forward.

Do IT professionals feel empowered to innovate? 

Asking this question enables CIOs to communicate to their team members and other technical stakeholders that they are empowered to innovate. As per IDG’s MarketPulse survey, one in five respondents have the potential to leverage digital automation tools, yet they are not taking advantage. This shows just how much potential is being left out by users of these initiatives. Additionally, CIOs should also implement digital technologies that focus on enabling individuals or smaller teams to bring their ideas to reality.

Are the business stakeholders seeking any solutions to the problems they are facing on a daily basis? 

It is crucial that business teams understand the problems they face in ways to solve them. CIOs should help them find the right processes to automate as well as the departments that require the tools for making a difference, a major step towards strategic agility. By finding the right use case, an organization can correctly advance in its digital transformation efforts.

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Is the current infrastructure up for any changes? 

CIOs should equip their organizations with the right technology stack that will help them to build an agility layer. They can opt for solutions such as low-code development platforms that they can use for serving them as bedrock for bringing agility to their strategy. It will enable staff members across the organization to develop and continuously improve business applications that can make an impact.

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