Four Priorities for CIOs to Focus on in 2022

Four Priorities for CIOs to Focus on in 2022-01

With enterprises picking up and the economy gaining traction, there’s a lot that can be done to stay competitive and boost productivity. CIOs will be tasked in 2022 with putting in place digital strategies that will define the next decade of work.

It is an understatement to say that the COVID-19 outbreak has turned many organizations upside down. It has proven to be the impetus that many CIOs needed to make the adjustments that their organizations have long needed. The quick digital change businesses have witnessed across various industries has been aided by technology.

Here are some areas that knowledgeable CIOs will need to focus on as firms move to the “new normal” in 2022.

The role of IT is evolving

During the pandemic, IT departments have shifted from being a function solely responsible for feeding and watering boxes and cables to one that is critical to the organization’s digital capabilities.

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In 2022, CIOs will finally be able to move away from simply looking after infrastructure. Rather, they will have to think about where the company could go and what their leadership can do for them in a new way. Similarly, businesses won’t be able to pivot until digital leadership is appropriately pressing them to rethink. As a result, organizations will need to position technology leaders on the board of directors at the forefront of decision-making in order to not only survive but to thrive.

RPA can be used for a wider range of business operations

Many businesses have already implemented robotic process automation (RPA) to relieve employees of time-consuming chores, allowing them to focus on more customer-centric activities. Until now, RPA has mostly been employed by business functions like finance, HR, and IT. Industry analysts predict that data and risk management will be key drivers of RPA by 2022. Wherever organizations can use bots’ abilities to avoid doing anything unexpected, it helps with compliance and auditing. There is a direct risk mitigation aspect to their role because they will not deviate or do anything other than what is expected of them.

Improving the customer experience throughout their journey

Businesses are increasingly seeing a more strategic approach to digital transformation. It concentrates on how people approach problems rather than the technology itself. Connecting services, data, and consumer interactions is only a small part of what is available with the expanding power of technology. In 2022, CIOs will consider how to use the data they have on a customer within the company to make their lives easier throughout the customer experience. Consumers increasingly expect a digital experience, and CIOs will use the resources at their disposal to deliver it.

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Using technology to accurately forecast, foresee, and pre-authorize

CIOs will increasingly look at the data they have at their fingertips in 2022 to figure out where demand is coming from. While demand has undoubtedly shifted as a result of the several global lockdowns, supply has also shifted. There have been widespread supply concerns, requiring businesses to be more nimble than they have ever been. To ensure that the organization can continue to compete in 2022, CIOs will better leverage data to properly predict, pre-empt, and pre-authorize operations within the business.

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