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Four Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Managed Service Provider

By Umme Sutarwala - February 16, 2022 3 Mins Read

Four Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Managed Service-01

Information technology is complicated, and it isn’t getting any easier. However, fully utilizing it is critical for a company’s competitiveness. That is why so many companies outsource their IT requirements. Hence, it’s critical to pick a managed service provider (MSP) carefully and prudently.

Technology evolves quickly at the current rate of innovation, becoming more sophisticated and valuable at the same time. Modern organizations, despite their ever-increasing complexity, should still rely on technology to be competitive and succeed.

When it comes to selecting a managed IT provider, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution, and the process must be meticulously planned. However, any organization should examine a number of key factors before partnering with an MSP. The following considerations will ensure that the company gets the most out of its managed service partner’s engagement and future partnership. 

Contracts and price hikes on a yearly basis 

Inflation has never met an unfamiliar face it didn’t like. Since annual price increases are unavoidable, any increases should be agreed upon in advance by both sides.

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Businesses should make sure they understand the MSP’s formula. Fee hikes based on percentage changes in the metropolitan area’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) are a great place to start. This could entail a price increase that is less than or equal to the CPI over the previous 12 months. It could also depend on whether or not the price has been raised in the previous 12 months. 

Clients frequently negotiate for lower prices upfront, but the MSP should defend itself and recuperate costs later in the contract. Businesses need to ensure that they comprehend these figures. If they do not pay now, they will almost certainly pay later.

Customer references

To begin, it’s critical to analyze the organization’s reputation before deciding to work with them. Customer references provide the most reliable assessment of an MSP’s ongoing performance in the real world. Businesses must request one or more customer references from the MSP so that businesses may make a more informed judgment about what it’s like to engage with them as a service provider. 


Without a question, security is a critical corporate concern. High-grade security, on the other hand, can be costly. As a result, organizations should seek a service provider who does more than just monitor their IT infrastructure. Businesses, on the other hand, should choose one that can also provide strategic security plans.

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Businesses can ensure that all of their data is safe and secure by implementing stringent IT security. This is guaranteed by securing all endpoints by reputable IT managed services businesses. Enterprises can ensure that the risks of cybersecurity threats penetrating their IT infrastructure are reduced as a result of this.

Don’t lose all control

Working with an IT partner necessitates a certain amount of shared responsibility and cooperation, but don’t let go completely — businesses are and will continue to be liable for whatever occurs. After all, the company, customers and clients, and the name on the legal documents are still the same.

Firms should choose an MSP that allows them complete control over test time and depth, as well as complete insight into the entire process – communication is crucial. Cloud-based monitoring solutions can be a powerful ally in this situation, and any MSP worth their salt will offer one so that organizations can keep track of what’s going on at all times.

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