Four CIO Resolutions for 2022

Four CIO Resolutions for 2022-01

Succeeding in 2022 will depend on the resolution that CIOs set for themselves. Hence, they should be wise when choosing them. 

2022 has already begun and many organizations have started to execute plans that they have been halting in the wake of the COVID. Just as organizations set their new resolutions for growth and success, it is also time for CIOs to set their own ones to take the next step forward. While creating a list of known programs, initiatives, products, or services to integrate across the IT and the business is critical, along with strengthening the cybersecurity posture of the organization, CIOs should create resolutions that will help them to advance in their professional and personal lives.

Here are a few resolutions that CIOs should adopt to advance in their most important goals:

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Execute the boldest concepts

One idea executed is as valuable as ten ideas still stuck in the innovation pipeline. CIOs should find ideas within their most disruptive categories of ideas and aim to execute the boldest. Depending on the size of their innovation portfolio and their conversion rate, CIOs should also aim to target more of them. Executing their boldest ideas in 2022 will be a key achievement as well as test their political savviness while navigating the organization and business.

  • Identify role in sustainability initiatives

CIOs need to identify the role of their department in supporting the sustainability agenda of the organization and how they will move forward. IT can help reduce its GHG emissions, install enterprise technologies that will help the organization keep track of its overall GHG emission, and ensure that the digital transformation initiatives set by them reduce and not increase their carbon footprint. They should consider all these areas, their state at the beginning of the year and the results it aims to achieve by the end of the year.

  • Hands-on with latest technologies 

With technologies evolving at an accelerated pace, CIOs cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and just watch how these things operate. Instead of monitoring them, CIOs should get hands-on experience operating these technologies. This will enable them to understand what these new technologies are all about and what is the position of the organization. While they can certainly explore the digital side of technologies such as virtual reality, drones, Lidar and much more, getting hands-on with these physical elements can help them to gain complete understanding and may open windows of new opportunities.

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  • Strengthen relationships with C-suite 

This year, CIOs should make it their priority to know their peers in C-suite on both professional and personal level. While “getting a seat at the table” or achieving “business-IT alignment” are still essential factors, the goal CIO should aim to achieve is to strengthen their relationships with them while finding more political allies. This will be useful to withstand various headwinds irrespective of the climate of the organization, whether it is political, economic, societal or otherwise. This is critical if the CIOs are leading digital transformation or other innovation initiatives as these areas need better teamwork, cooperation and collaboration among various departments.

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