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Four Automation Skills IT Professionals need in 2022

By Vishal Muktewar - March 07, 2022 3 Mins Read

Four Automation Skills IT Professionals need in 2022-01

IT professionals aiming to bolster their resume and becoming highly sought after should possess these four IT automation skills.

Organizations worldwide are heavily investing in automation technologies. In fact, as per a report from Gartner titled “Forecast Analysis: Hyperautomation Enablement Software, Worldwide,” hyper-automation technology is expected to reach US $ 596.6 billion by the end of 2022. This highlights the number of opportunities that present organizations with growth and revenue opportunities. 

From traditional IT roles such as system administrators, security analysts, and software development to the more recent ones such as cloud platform engineer, DevOps, or site reliability engineer (SRE), automation skills are increasingly becoming relevant. Adding automation skills to the portfolio is a great starting point for IT professionals seeking to enhance their appeal on the IT job market. Additionally, if IT professionals want to take a different path in their IT careers, automation practices and technologies may help them achieve the same goals.

Here are four automation IT job skills today’s IT professionals can incorporate to thrive in today’s job market:

DevOps-centric technologies and approaches

DevOps, as well as automation, are deeply linked to each. Hence, most of the skills and technologies related to DevOps are also witnessing a surge in demand for automation-focused roles. 

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Since DevOps became the standard methodology for software development and cloud deployments, those who are not aware of the principles and practices of DevOps often struggle. More and more IT professionals understand this and that Incorporating Kubernetes within Linux technologies leads to superior performance. 

IT professionals having extensive DevOps experience will be more appealing to hiring managers looking to advance their automation capabilities. 


Writing homegrown automation scripts is still an essential part of an automation-centric job. The skill will continue to be important as a broad range of tooling allows non-developers to automate a few previously manual processes.

Possessing the ability to write seamless scripts with the in-built language of the platform is a great starting point when developing IT automation skills. While they can help the IT professional to begin, there are multiple automation-friendly languages such as python that could be of great use in various roles. Writing python scripts for scraping the web enables organizations to accumulate and organize valuable data. l

Containers and Kubernetes

Containers and Kubernetes have become the standard for organizations to deploy modern applications across a hybrid cloud. Organizations are seeking professionals with a deep understanding of how to effectively build a container and then deploy, monitor, scale, and redeploy. Additionally, overseeing containers at various levels requires orchestration, a critical component of automation.

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Security automation

Security will continue to be a primary concern for technology teams looking for employees with security automation experience. Security automation comprises everything, from automated runtime security scans to automated remediation of lower-tier incidents to entire processes as well as tool chains to the entire platforms for managing the security programs of an organization. IT professionals looking to enter the security industry should have SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response) as well as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tools in their portfolio. This enables them to organize data and recognize security threats while automating responses to their threats.

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