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Five Strategies for IT Leaders to Attract Top IT Talent

By Vishal Muktewar - August 06, 2021 3 Mins Read

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, enterprises that have established top-notch IT recruiting cycles have more success in attracting the right skilled professionals.

The war to attract highly skilled IT professionals has never been fiercer than it is today. As companies constantly try to innovate and strengthen their infrastructure, it has become critical for them to have the top IT talent in place. And to do that, IT leaders need to come up with strategies that make their organization more appealing to highly skilled professionals. Today’s IT professionals seek jobs for career advancement, challenging work and personal fulfilment. So, merely great compensation can no longer be the only correct method for hiring talent. Such requests are frequently found in IT enterprises that actively lead the business instead of following them, having great leaders and managers, access to the latest technologies, a visible career path, a culture of open dialog, and a feeling of being valued and appreciated.

By creating such a virtuous recruiting process, CIOs can ensure that the top IT talent will actively seek their organizations out and will highly likely adopt their work culture. Here are few steps that can make it easy for enterprises to attract and retain top IT talent:

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Support from Top-level Leadership

Support from upper management for the initiatives and strategies and making IT more inclusive in the overall decision making, makes it easier for attracting IT talent. The leadership team should encourage and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, provide the IT team with experimentation opportunities and let them be a part of the company’s mission.

Hiring industry leaders helps to attract great people

Since highly skilled IT professionals want to work with other talented technologists, even a single strategic hire can have a ripple effect that the enterprise is expecting. By hiring industry leaders who have positively contributed to the industry, enterprises can hope to recruit skilled IT professionals that share the same enthusiasm and can positively impact the organization.

Hiring diverse leadership for setting standards

According to industry experts, today, more and more professionals want to be a part of a diverse and inclusive workforce. Hence, enterprises should take initiatives to support employee resource groups., Having such groups in place provides an opportunity for employees to feel empowered, take on more business opportunities and build stronger relationships with one another.

Exposing IT talent to the latest technology

Before thinking about joining an organization, most talented IT professionals want to know if they’ll get an opportunity to work on the hottest new technologies. For most this has become a key criterion before accepting an offer from any organization. Hence, organizations should have the latest technologies in place that enable their IT professionals to work on new and innovative things and then implement and execute them for the long-term goals of the company.

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Offering hybrid work model indefinitely

Organizations looking to attract top IT talent at a large scale should be ready to provide a great staff experience. They should be able to provide a hybrid working experience to them that offers a superior virtual experience while helping them to feel engaged and connected to the culture of the organization, without the daily commute, for instance.

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