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Five Key Teams that will Lead Digital Transformation in 2022

By Umme Sutarwala - January 14, 2022 3 Mins Read

 Digital transformation is here to stay. The speed of digital transformation shows no sign of slowing down in businesses in the coming years. It will need businesses to develop well-coordinated strategies, with a hefty reward for those who plan ahead of time.

According to Forrester, “Predictions 2022: Leading Tech Execs Will Shift From Short-Term Problem-Solving To Long-Term Innovation”, firms will continue their transformation initiatives well into 2022. However, while digital transformation leaders in 2021 focused on short-term goals, those in 2022 will focus on long-term challenges and take a customer-centric approach to technology. Companies that are future-ready — those that are adaptable, inventive, and resilient are renowned to outperform their competitors.

The best place to begin is to enable customer journey while keeping customer experience (CX) at the forefront. The following roles are implicitly important in this approach:

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Digital Office/Chief Digital Officer

This job, which consists of a chief digital officer (CDO) and/or several stakeholders reporting to the CDO, oversees enterprise-wide digitalization across all lines of business. It ensures that each string of customer engagement is linked to the appropriate organizational delivery team, system, or process.

The agile and unified digital transformation platform that streamlines content-centric processes and communication is also implemented in this capacity. The CX will be disrupted if any parts are missing.

IT service delivery

A great customer experience begins with a terrific staff experience that is proportionately wonderful. Every day, operations teams rely on systems and applications, therefore it’s critical that they are all connected so that employees don’t have to switch between numerous apps to complete the same activity.

While the digital office strives to coordinate content-centric processes and communication, IT is responsible for connecting these to the organization’s core business systems.

Customer interaction team on the front end

Customer-facing functions include channels such as paper mail, portals, email, mobile, fax, and others, and are not restricted to humans and physical offices. Customer feedback, regardless of channel, almost always necessitates human intervention. A complex, completely integrated system or application, as well as standard email or other workflows, could be used as the method. The intelligence ingested has a big impact on the effectiveness of upstream and downstream operations. Cognitive services driven by AI/ML could be extremely useful in this situation.

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Customer service center

The contact center might be the driving force behind CX in the company. While this set of people and systems/processes (which includes IVR, chatbots, and many impending technology-assisted virtual agents) may not be able to conduct the middle-of-the-process activities required for last-mile delivery, they do serve as the organization’s face to the final customer. In low-code digitization platforms, the contact center is an essential and important component.

Auditing and compliance

While this team is sometimes viewed as interfering with the digital offices and marketing’s goals, they ensure that the company is not only safe but also compliant with government regulations. In a nutshell, this group protects the company against regulatory and statutory penalties and restrictions.

The digital office’s job is to achieve that fine balance between marketing and compliance while ensuring that customer experience does not suffer.

People are just as important as the right technology when it comes to digital transformation. To tilt the DX success meter in favor, it’s critical for businesses to focus on building and nurturing essential teams.

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Umme Sutarwala

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