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Five Employee Retention Strategies to Retain Top IT Talent

By Vishal Muktewar - September 07, 2021 3 Mins Read

Five Employee Retention Strategies to Retain Top IT Talent

With most IT talent flocking to organizations that provide better flexibility and remote work opportunities, the battle to hire and retain top professionals has become a top priority for CIOs.

Retaining top talent has become a key element for higher competitiveness amongst enterprises. The ability of an enterprise to retain talent, especially in today’s hiring environment, has a profound impact on its ability to work at a high level. It has become even more important for the IT department to hold on to their top IT talent as many enterprises struggle with the growing talent gap issues.

CIOs should focus their efforts on retaining their employees even as they hire new ones, if they plan to have an adequate talent pool. Even though they cannot stop their employees from looking for better opportunities, having effective strategies in place can make their employees rethink their decision to leave.

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Here are a few strategies Employee Retention Strategies to Retain Top IT Talent:

Understanding retention begins from the recruitment process

CIOs need to understand that retaining employees begins from the recruitment process. During the recruitment process, they should identify what aspects of the company culture and strategy they want to emphasize and seek those attributes in the desired candidates. They should take steps to ensure that each employee is completely engaged with and part of the company’s ongoing success. The new joiners need to be sure their growth plans align with the company’s.

Determining which candidates will stay longer

CIOs should identify which candidates will likely stay longer with the company to ensure a high retention rate by having key indicators in place. They should look beyond their resume and seek attributes such as loyalty, perseverance and engagement that will showcase their commitment to their work and their previous enterprise.

Identifying candidates who share the outlook of the enterprise

CIOs should look for candidates that resonate more with the outlook, values, vision and mission of the organization. This, in return, will increase the probability that they will stay longer with the enterprise, thereby helping boost the retention rate.

Providing career advancement opportunities

Getting a promotion from within the organization provides employees with greater compensation and responsibility and helps them feel like they are valued and are a crucial part of the company’s overall success. Therefore, CIOs should take steps towards professional and career development opportunities as per the needs of the individual. They should also commit to providing training, as employees often perceive it an investment in their worth and it gives them a powerful incentive to stay with the organization.

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Sticking with remote work options

Remote work along with flexibility has increasingly become a priority for most employees. Also, since the pandemic demonstrated that enterprises could engage in the long-term remote work environment without much downside, employees have become less keen to go back to the office. The permission to work from anywhere increases employee satisfaction, which leads to a boost in productivity increasing chances of retention. It also makes it easier for employers to attract top IT talent in the industry.

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