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Five Emerging Tech-Trends for 2020

By Meeta Ramnani - September 04, 2019 3 Mins Read

Technology and innovation have become the key to competitive differentiation. The speed of change in technology and breakthrough technologies prove to be a challenge even for the most innovative enterprise and technology decision-makers to keep up.

The emerging technology trends that have the potential to impact business in 2020 are:

Augmented Human

Augmented human advances allow the creation of physical and cognitive improvements as a part of the human body. Creation of limb prosthetics that can exceed the natural human performance is one such example of this ability that can provide superhuman capabilities. Emerging technologies that are focused on extending human capabilities like biochips augmented intelligence, personification, emotion AI, biotech – cultured or artificial tissue, and immersive workspaces will be trending in 2020.

Postclassical Compute and Comms

The next-gen of communication, core computing, and integration technologies will adopt new architectures. One example of this is in satellite technology where low earth orbit (LEO) satellites can drive low latency internet connectivity globally. These small satellites can enable connectivity for 48% of homes that are currently not connected. This is predicted to provide new opportunities for economic growth in unserved regions and countries. Enterprises that are expecting to renovate their communications must evaluate technologies like LEO systems, 5G, next-generation memory, and nanoscale 3D printing.

Sensing and Mobility

Sensing technologies have made IoT possible, but also provide the data required for AI algorithms and models, often in real-time to make intelligent business and operational decisions. On the other hand, mobility includes the advances that autonomous vehicles and drones are making and their applications, in the last-mile delivery space. Experts suggest that enterprises seeking to leverage sensing and mobility capabilities must also consider using AR cloud, light-cargo delivery drones, 3D-sensing cameras, flying autonomous vehicles, and driving levels 4 and 5.

Digital Ecosystems

Digital ecosystems leverage enterprises, people and things that share digital platforms to achieve beneficial purpose mutually. Digitalization facilitated the deconstruction of classical value chains and directed to stronger, flexible and resilient webs of value delivery that are continually transforming to create new and improved services and products. Some of the critical technologies that must be considered include knowledge graphs, DigitalOps, synthetic data, decentralized autonomous organizations, and the decentralized web.

Advanced AI and Analytics

Advanced analytics comprises the semiautonomous and autonomous examination of content and data using tools and techniques that are beyond traditional business intelligence (BI).

In 2020, the trending technologies to track will include edge AI, adaptive machine learning (ML), edge analytics, AI platform as a service (PaaS), explainable AI, transfer learning, graph analytics, and generative adversarial networks.


Meeta Ramnani

Meeta Ramnani is the Senior Editor with OnDot Media. She writes about technologies including AI, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain across various industries with a focus on Digital Transformation. An avid bike rider, Meeta, is a postgraduate from Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media (IIJNM) Bangalore, where her specialization was Business Journalism. She carries four years of experience in mainstream print media where she worked as a correspondent with The Times Group and Sakal Media Group in Pune.

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