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Every Strategic Move for a Data-driven Decision Is Vital

By Chandni U - May 22, 2021 3 Mins Read

Every Strategic Move for a Data-driven Business Decision Is Vital

Enterprises must be aware of every data asset and determine its value for business decision making by using effective data processing strategies

The value of data in the current world exceeds the quality and efficient business practices. It plays a major role in evaluating the global economy as well. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) take the reins of the future of business, the utilization of data can make or break companies.

The best strategy for the IT department that ensures quality data for organizations is Master Data Management (MDM). It focuses on data collection, aggregation, match, consolidation, quality check, and its distribution process. There are several automation tools and solutions that help the process of MDM.

Manually extracting data can be a laborious task. Most companies use automation and AI told such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Some IT leaders suggest the use of tools that can cull data, normalize it and channel the collected information to different departments as required.

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The biggest challenge for any business is to lay the groundwork for data preparation similar to the MDM strategy used by IT teams. Industry experts recommend some data practices that can produce the highest quality data for making beneficial and reliable business decisions.

An IBM research indicates that over 90 percent of data that companies possess do not get processed. Calling this dark data, experts believe it contains some information that could be highly valuable. Such data is either left unprocessed on paper-based documents or as sensor-generated output from Internet of Things (IoT).

Reviewing dark data to determine its added value to business decisions can be vital. The digitization of the dark data that could be valuable should then be digitized and processed.  Making good use of the otherwise wasted data assets might support business decisions.

Meanwhile, it is not advisable to store all digitized data. Experts reckon that irrelevant digitized data must be considered for elimination. However, enterprise leaders need to remember that a useless data asset today might become important in the future. Deciding the relevance of data and removal of invaluable data is a critical act of balance and decision making.

In the MDM process, IT pays regular attention to normalizing or consolidating data fields from various systems that might indicate the same piece of information. Similarly, disparate types of data must also be aggregated by the system. It has been proven to be successful when business use cases are recognized along with its data assets and data combinations that together provide crucial information for decision making.

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Today, business budgets are classified into departments and it gets difficult to determine the location of unexploited data. An asset management system on corporate networks has the ability to discover new data, servers, and systems Once standalone business silos are recognized, the company can get in touch with the department executive and establish data access to figure out its use throughout the company. Experts state that the objective of any business should be to create a holistic and clear picture of data relevance in business vision.

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