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Enterprise Architecture: Top Strategies for Succeeding in Modernization of Enterprise Architecture  

By Anushree Bhattacharya - February 20, 2023 4 Mins Read

Enterprise Architecture: Top Strategies for Succeeding in Modernization of Enterprise Architecture  

Enterprise architecture projects involve different stakeholders from various departments as new strategies are evolving for delivering architectural projects.

Technology leaders must constantly articulate the value of Enterprise architecture (EA) and demonstrate how it cultivates a productive business environment. Today’s rapidly changing business environment provides various enterprise architecture (EA) deployment opportunities.

With the continuous evolution of EA, the practices that were useful in the past are now becoming obsolete. In addition, digital transformation demands an updated and modernized EA rebuild and restructure business architecture for growth.

Technology leaders can define a new vision for modern architecture in their companies that will leverage technical and soft skills that balance short- and long-term strategic priorities and business goals.

To help them prioritize the transformation of EA, several strategic priorities for enterprise architecture could be helpful for business leaders still looking out to upgrade, rebuild or replace their legacy EA systems at scale.

Strategic Priorities for Enterprise Architecture

To design a robust strategic plan and develop strategies that fit the organization’s growth roadmap while staying adaptable to unforeseen future changes, here are some ideas to be followed:

Use Technical Elements Effectively

The latest tech tools should be applied to make incremental gains. Technology leaders should have a clear roadmap for their business needs and select only additional capabilities that align with that growth plan. The focus must be on key areas, with clarity on what tools will add value for the present and where provision can be created for future upgradation.

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Leaders must prioritize technical interfaces to add speed to business processes or realize the value of functions that could make processes robust. Changes to specialized interfaces impact users as they can be technically challenging. They should carefully replace the existing EA with updated technical elements.

The impact of novel technical features can decrease the strength and robustness of the application, become cost-heavy, or have many other consequences. There should be proper planning and only adopting tools that will lead to better business opportunities, revenue growth, and value-generating operations.

Robust Plan for Innovation in EA

To stay ahead of the rising competition, innovation and adaptation should be the key focus for successful enterprise upgradation projects. Keeping an eye on the future readiness of the company’s EA sets a clear priority plan for innovation in the existing architecture.

There needs to be a balance between innovation and the ability to modernize in the near future, and that should be the base of all this planning.

As a starting point, consider these five essential elements for a plan for innovations in enterprise architecture:

  • Supportive business strategy – Include visualization to build enterprise architectural strategies actionable through target architectures.
  • IT Investment Management – Ensuring adequate IT infrastructure to support EA rebuilding by assessing business projects.
  • EA Standard Management – improving the coherency of EA solutions by developing and maintaining standards of EA through best practices

These, and some more innovation elements, will help further develop better architectural capabilities for businesses.

Build Partnerships and Alliances

For any upgradation, it is wise to take support from managed partners and collaborations.

Businesses should make relevant and cost-effective strategic partnerships to ensure the maximum value for the modernization of the architecture.   Here are critical points for effective partnerships for EA upgradation:

  • Identifying a best fit EA upgradation partner MSP.
  • Establishing advanced capabilities and futuristic roadmaps that will support the modernization of the entire IT structure
  • Associate with cyber-security experts to ensure efficient security control adherence as part of the EA and operations lifecycle processes.
  • Work with the IT management team to leverage enterprise architecture standards as a foundation for the configuration management database.

Increase Enterprise Architecture Investments

Investments in enterprise architecture have increased, as with growing digitization it has become clear t that better technologies will cost more but deliver beyond expectations.

With these increasing investments, IT leaders should look at adding new tools to promote transformation-  automation, and reinforcement of artificial intelligence- one of the stronger arguments for modernizing EA.

With the new age technologies, every company’s enterprise architecture will be upgraded to improve business processes, keeping them at par, if not better than, the market competition. CIOs should push for more investment in this revamp to improve the business roadmap.

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A Successful Enterprise Architecture is Out Here

A successful enterprise architecture relies on robust processes, cutting-edge technology and tools, and futuristic skills in the technology teams and leadership. The building of modern EA needs to foster ownership and decisive decision-making by considering the future of business, even in a turbulent economy.

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