Easing the Complexity of Multicloud Management with Networking Software

Easing the Complexity of Multicloud Management with Networking Software-01

Organizations are increasingly investing in a multi-cloud environment to ensure better security, scalability, disaster recovery, and more. But effective multi-cloud management is what’s crucial for making the most of the services offered by cloud providers.

There is an increasing demand for cloud management solutions as a higher number of organizations deploy their applications through private and public clouds. Deploying and operating applications in multiple public clouds is critical to many IT leaders, and this where networking software can help.

According to a research done by Gartner, “By 2022, about 75% of enterprise customers using cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will adopt a deliberate multi-cloud strategy, up from 49% in 2017.”

Automation, scale, and performance are crucial when migrating applications to cloud infrastructure. But, quite often achieving all of the components can be challenging due to limited visibility into the infrastructure. Moreover, each IaaS platform has proprietary controls for networking and security which makes multicloud operations largely manual and highly time consuming. This can be a big challenge for IT teams in their efforts to protect against external attacks, quickly resolve application performance issues and reduce costs.

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Enterprises can leverage networking software installed within their multicloud infrastructure and its cloud native capabilities to provide them enhanced visibility, security and control. Advances in software networking will allow IT teams to rapidly deploy cloud-based applications through automation

Advances in software networking can enable IT teams to quickly deploy cloud-based applications via automation and control them by extracting the native tools each cloud provider provides with their services.

Multicloud Networking Challenges

Security, networking, and management and orchestration are some of the crucial tools that cloud providers offer. Their security controls and capabilities often need to be manually implemented, while their networking requires the on-ramps and off-ramps to be precisely routed.

Each cloud has its own management and orchestration tools that provide visibility into the application performance. This results in fragmented management and orchestration for enterprises that support multicloud environments. All these factors make IT operations involving IaaS multicloud challenging to scale, and as a result of this, troubleshooting performance becomes tedious.

Networking Requirements for Multi-Cloud

IaaS providers are now building new access capabilities at the edge of their networks.  For an enhanced user experience, network performance is crucial and it depends on network routing to and from the nearest cloud on-ramp. Utilizing WAN network intelligence is crucial to achieve high quality experience between applications in the public cloud and end-users. Therefore, businesses need the network intelligence to connect to the best IaaS point available to accelerate application delivery.

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Extracting the details of IaaS infrastructure is crucial for rapid application deployment to the cloud, so that organizations do not have to custom build applications to meet the requirements of every IaaS provider.

Many networking suppliers provide cloud-based network intelligence for improved visibility and enhanced application performance.  Networking tools provided by network-control software can troubleshoot and centrally manage the IaaS multicloud, and enterprises do not have to develop these tools for each IaaS cloud.  The software can also help automate time-consuming manual processes needed to deploy new applications. Network control software can also help organizations extract details of each IaaS network to provide consistency across providers.

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