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Digital Transformation Strategies across Businesses Have Accelerated In the Era of Data Agility

By Sudipta Choudhury - February 16, 2021 3 mins read

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of modern-age technologies and digital transformation initiatives across enterprises.

In this digital era, technology is poised to play a critical role in how businesses navigate this rapidly evolving market. Given the current scenario, the sheer volume of digital transformation plans is expected to continue for the next several.

This is certainly due to the growing dependency on advanced technology and cloud-centric solutions across industries. The remote work led organizational reliance globally on data has altered how organizations operate.

A recent Druva survey has highlighted the rising concerns amongst Indian businesses about the need to enhance resilience, data protection, and the vital role of data agility. All these enhance organizational operations process while supporting to connect with consumers.

The company surveyed more than 300 IT decision-makers in India, nearly 31% reported an increase in ransomware attacks in their organization since the beginning of the pandemic. Overall, 89% of the IT leaders are now more concerned about protecting their company data from attacks than pre-pandemic times.

Indeed, data has never been valuable like it is now for organizational success. However, about 44% of companies still do not have the information or data they pull together readily available when required for IT decision making.

With big data being created, shared, and stored in more ways than before, the CIOs in India are confronted with many unprecedented challenges. The study reveals that protecting data from unauthorized internal access, outside threats, and ensuring business resiliency are the key priorities for any organization.

This is undoubtedly because of the accelerating plans for cloud migration and digital transformation plans across businesses. Some of the key findings from the Druva study are –

  • Accelerated digital transformation– Nearly 76% of the respondents indicated that their digital transformation plans have fast-tracked due to the pandemic.
  • Expanding cyber threat surface– Since the pandemic started, about 42% of companies reported an increase in video conferencing cyber-attacks – including malware (40%), phishing (35%), user error / accidental tampering/ deletion (32%), and insider attack (31%).
  • Data recovery is a concern– Almost 67% of professionals noted that the time taken to recover data is still a significant issue – which has increased amid the global crisis.
  • Data access is essential for business survival– Some 25% reported that their company could only go up to 3 to 4 hours without access to data – before causing severe harm to their business operations.

In this context, Milind Borate, Chief Development Officer at Druva, explains in the company blog post – “The pandemic, and possibilities of an emergence in the coming months, has forced organizations across India to re-evaluate the health of their data, potential security vulnerabilities, and their level of preparedness…The ability to unlock the value of data, rapidly adapt to changing demands, and delight customers will increasingly be determined by their cloud strategy.”


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