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Digital Transformation – It’s More About People and Less About Technology

By Debjani Chaudhury - March 11, 2020 3 Mins Read

Digital Transformation – It's More About People and Less About Technology

Businesses across industries have realized that the traditional business models are bound to fail and to match up the pace of global digital transformation; they need to upgrade and upskill continuously.

Technology plays a crucial role in the digital transformation journey, but technology alone can’t guarantee transformation. While digital transformation is now a must-have reality, this journey must embody the company’s vision for the future based on the core values ingrained in the leadership and talent.

While the new digital universe continues to reshape every facet of the markets, businesses, and industries, firms need to answer the four basic questions first:

  • Is the urgency for adopting digital transformation for real and justified?
  • What opportunities with digital transformation bring?
  • Are they making the right investments?
  • Are the firm and employees truly ready to seize this remarkable opportunity?

A bold vision drives all successful digital transformation journeys and a belief in the need to change. Digital transformation isn’t about reinventing the business drivers. It’s an opportunity to transform the purpose and the way businesses function in the digital economy.

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With a bold vision, businesses can articulate a distinct and new business value proposition based on their core values. This helps them to develop a well-defined, holistic strategy with a realistic approach, executable plans, and measurable milestones. Successful digital transformation initiatives are always based on commitment and strong leadership to invest correctly and to lead the change.

The strategies should be built on foresight into how to deliver exceptional value to outpace the competition. Digital transformation extends beyond the edges of the existing business models or organizational boundaries to reach across to new ecosystems, partners, and networks.

Digital transformation is about analyzing and creating the next best opportunity

Digital transformation is not a reaction to the shift in consumer demand or the changing dynamics of the marketplace. Instead, it’s about exploring forward-looking innovation to discover and deliver unique value for the customer.

To take advantage of the incredible opportunity, businesses must focus on innovation. Companies should focus on market research and competitor analysis to not miss the next best opportunity.

Digital transformation is driven by leadership, talent, and culture

Digital transformation is unique to the core values embedded in the foundation of each company. The digital marketing journeys are shaped by an understanding of the forces that impact or disrupt the business models – leadership, talent, company culture. These three factors not only influence the customers’ behaviors but also decide the success or failure of any digital transformation initiative.

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Successful digital transformation journeys come only through a top-to-bottom execution strategy with the bold vision of the leaders. The real potential lies undeniably within the leadership, workforce talent, and the company culture.

This is why technology alone can never guarantee the success of a digital transformation initiative. It’s the people – their talent and skill, passion, and ingenuity that becomes the binding agent. These are the factors that ultimately deliver the most exceptional promise of digital transformation: profitability and growth.

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Debjani Chaudhury

Debjani Chaudhury works as an Associate Editor with OnDot Media. In this capacity, she contributes editorial articles for two platforms, focusing on the latest global technology and trends.Debjani is a seasoned Content Developer who comes with 3 years of experience with Fashion, IT, and International Marketing industries. She has represented India in International trade forums like Hannover Messe, Germany.

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