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Digital Transformation – Ensuring Employee participation and significance

By Sudipta Choudhury - July 01, 2020 3 Mins Read

Digital Transformation – Ensuring Employee participation and significance

Most of the workforces often get overlooked when organizations implement new technologies, reports Lenovo.

In the process of digital transformation, companies are considering business and
shareholder goals higher than the employees’ needs. The latest report from Lenovo has
revealed a lack of human consideration among most organizations while adopting new
technologies. Around 1,000 IT managers were surveyed across the UK, France, Germany,
and the Netherlands.

The study found that only 6% of the IT managers think about users (workforce) as their top priority while they make technology investments. This approach linked to IT adoption is
eventually leading to productivity being held back as it is impacting the employees
adversely. Many employees get overwhelmed with the complexity and their pace of change,
and thus, nearly 47% of IT managers indicated that users struggle to support new software.

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There is a comprehensible focus for many businesses to embrace transformational
technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, automation, etc. shortly. The
successfully implemented technology move would be a growth enabler for both employees
and businesses to achieve better targets, while a poor strategy can lead technology to
become an inhibitor – hampering users’ needs and leading to lower outcomes.

Almost half of the surveyed respondents, 48%, claimed that a negative outcome where
technology adoption has highly inhibited the ability to operate efficiently. However, about
52% of IT managers are still optimistic about leveraging tech capability to improve
the productivity of the workforce. Nearly 21% of respondents reported that new technologies have slowed down processes.

According to Giovanni Di Filippo, President at Lenovo’s Data Center Group (EMEA) – “Times are changing rapidly, not only for businesses but the technology industry as a whole –
stripped of office walls, we are seeing organizations place greater emphasis on the
wellbeing of their employees, and it’s heartening to see this shift in priorities from being all about the bottom line. If there is a change of heart and mind within the industry, taking a people-first approach to IT adoption, we will see positive change for both organizations and wider society.”

Hence, before or during any technology adoption process, businesses should carry out and
employee surveys with people-centric questions. The primary concern should be to make
the technology intuitive, ensuring it resolves instead of creating challenges for users – so
that employees get a better experience.

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