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Digital Transformation – Employees Observe Areas of Improvement in Their Organizations

By Sudipta Choudhury - July 10, 2020 3 Mins Read

Digital Transformation – Employees Observe Areas of Improvement in Their Organizations

Several organizations have progressed on their digital transformation journey, and most
employees are positive about it. However, many of them believe that the pace of
modification at their companies could have been faster and more involved – claims a new
study. Besides, many users are becoming insecure about how it will affect their works or pay scale.

Digital Transformation – Ensuring Employee participation and significance

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has recently conducted a global survey of 5,250 working
people, currently operational in the US, the UK, China, France, and Germany. Most
professionals are in support of the transformation to happen with China (91%) and the US
(90%) having the most interest. Employees at all levels consider that the transformation into digital technologies and techniques has aided organizations globally – amid the crisis of the COVID-19 outbreak pandemic and expected to bring more recovery efforts.

Simply put, businesses are making progress. To speed up the transition process,
organizations need to eliminate the impediments at first. This is possible by involving more
people and allowing them with training and the right support – in order to make users feel
engaged in the entire process. The lack of sufficient training on modern ways of working is
visible from the gap – managers who would use agile methods (82%) and employees (66%) who would prefer the same.

In response to the pandemic and build the futuristic model

Most professionals are optimistic about how their organizations have implemented digital
transformation to tackle the coronavirus situation. About 89% of managers and around 84% of employees globally are confidently about the fact that digitization is helping their
companies to combat the economic slowdown. A majority of people are firm that it will
continue to offer support and safeguard jobs since companies are restructuring their
business operations.

Is it Slowdown or Tech Fueled Optimization?

According to the survey, nearly 83% of managers, as well as 77% of employees favor
augmenting the spend on technology for remote working arrangements. Similarly, remote
workers have endorsed increased budgets for technologies to support client relationships –
including applications for managing data, information requests, after-sale services, etc.

In addition to the positive attitudes, most of the exertion remains to be done for managers
and employees to feel secure and comfortable with changes linked with digital transformation. While most people are approving of the modern work pattern,
organizations are yet to adopt the same completely.

As stated by Vanessa Lyon, Managing Director, and partner at BCG in the company blog
post, “It’s especially important to include front-line workers so that they understand how
what they do fits into the big picture. That could lead to better buy-in for new practices.”


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