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Digital Employee Experience (DEX): A Prerequisite for Modern Business 

By Nikhil Sonawane - September 13, 2022 3 Mins Read

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) A Prerequisite for Modern

As hybrid and remote work models have become the new normal for many enterprises, the talent gap and the great resignation have drastically transformed the workforce globally. It has become crucial for companies to prioritize digital employee experience to stay resilient in such a competitive world.

According to a recent report published by Nexthink in 2022 titled “Career Capital Report,” nearly 94% of the respondents think that their job responsibilities have evolved from provisioning IT assets to offering solutions that promote employee collaboration and productivity. The study also highlights that not only is there a growth for the IT roles that focuses on digital employee experience, but also they earn nearly 50% more than their colleagues that do not focus on DEX.

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Digital transformation, and the evolving requirements of dispersed teams, have forced modern businesses to be more dependent on technology in the workplace to achieve business goals.

Business leaders should ensure enhancing the digital employee experience to maximize the benefits of their digital transformation.

Here are a few ways to enhance the digital employee experience:

Ingrain effective employee support

As workplaces are undergoing tremendous transformation, it is crucial for enterprises to offer the right support to the workforce through a conversational service desk business to streamline their activities digitally. Business leaders should consider implementing robust Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based employee service desk that offers personalized assistance to resolve employee grievances or concerns. Leveraging AI chatbots in the IT infrastructure will enable enterprises to offer an enhanced digital employee experience throughout their lifecycle.

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Traditional approaches to resolving employee grievances will be a time-consuming and tedious task for the service desk agents. Executing the tasks manually; will result in a delayed service and increases the workload on the resources. Instead, integrating automation into the enterprise tech stack will help businesses to reduce the turnaround time, which results in higher productivity. Automation tools with artificial intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) will offer a personalized digital employee experience and minimize the workloads on the service agents.

Customized devices

One of the most significant ways to offer a great digital employee experience is to ensure that the workforce has easy access to the right tools to efficiently interface with the digital workforce. Business leaders need to set up upskilling courses before they start utilizing digital transformation tools and other modern IT infrastructure assets. Organizations need to develop all the required training programs so that the new hires can be productive quickly and the existing employees get acquainted with tools. Automating and digitizing the employee training on a corporate Learning Management System (LMS) will make the entire process self-reliant to boost engagement and productivity.

Seamlessly collaborate with all the channels

There has been a surge in demand for collaborative platforms since the last pandemic, and this will be the new normal. Enterprises should evaluate and implement the best collaborative channel available in the market that offers a single source of truth to streamline communication and collaboration throughout the organization. Business leaders can reimagine the digital employee experience by seamlessly integrating an advanced service desk with the collaborative tool integrated.

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