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Developing Crisis Resistant Enterprises with Enterprise Service Management

By Prangya Pandab - May 07, 2021 3 Mins Read

Developing Crisis Resistant Enterprises with Enterprise Service Management

Despite the fact that ESM (Enterprise Service Management) is being implemented at a faster pace every day, many businesses are still learning about the benefits of implementing ESM solutions. Enterprises will be looking to raise their ROI on conventional ITSM solutions post COVID-19, and ESM will help them achieve this and other objectives in the future.

Although some companies have experimented with Enterprise Service Management in the past with older technologies, they may have decided to abandon their ESM approach due to a lack of support. ESM is now simpler than it was before, thanks to technological advancements, reigniting interest among those who had abandoned it previously.

The advantages of Enterprise Service Management can help businesses achieve their objectives and accelerate their digital transformation. By creating trackable tickets and following best practices, service management software allows for seamless contact between the customer and the service desk. So, let’s take a look at some of ESM’s advantages.

Advantages of Enterprise Service Management

Reduced Costs and Improved Efficiency

IT budgets were increasing year on year prior to the coronavirus pandemic. This increase in IT spending seemed to be a good sign that economies were healthy and growing, but in the aftermath of COVID-19, many businesses are facing a very different environment. There is now a greater emphasis on cost-cutting in general, as well as the possibility of fewer employees handling the same workload.

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Companies will see a reduction in costs and an improvement in efficiency with Enterprise Service Management’s standardized procedures. With issues getting addressed more easily and with less downtime, the streamlined efficiency will reduce overall operating costs.

Another way ESM can save money is by keeping track of the company’s assets. In a rapidly evolving remote work environment, this is critical. Without asset management software associated with an ESM solution, equipment and other items that may have been sent home with an employee may become difficult to monitor.

Maximizing ROI 

Using an ITSM solution for ESM that has a low total cost of ownership may result in a significant return on investment. This is significant because the greater the number of people who use a corporate ITSM solution, the higher the ROI compared to using the app solely for IT.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Enterprise Service Management standardizes the process of creating requests and completing onboarding, resulting in better coordination and cooperation. ESM also makes it easier to communicate and collaborate, particularly while operating remotely.

This not only allows workers to operate remotely and better handle their jobs, but also increases employee retention. Providing the workers with an omnichannel experience can mean the difference between dissatisfaction and happiness – and integrating these platforms often means information can spread more quickly.

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Improve Standardization

Employees and teams can have a better experience if there are consistent rules and procedures in place in the company. Employees can spend less time looking for potentially obsolete practices by combining a self-service platform with a knowledge management database and an Enterprise Service Management solution.

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