COVID-19 has Impacted Demand for AI Hiring

COVID-19 has Impacted Demand for AI Hiring

The COVID-19 pandemic has diminished the demand for AI talent, as per the latest report from LinkedIn.

A latest report from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph Research Insights says the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the demand for AI hiring. The analysis covered a post-COVID-19 period from March 16 to May 24 and a pre-COVID-19 period from January 6 to March 15. AI role listings fell to just 4.6% year-over-year (YoY) while, it increased by 14% prior to the pandemic. Furthermore, job applications increased at 50.8% YoY — dipped to 30.2% post-COVID-19.

The report notes, AI jobs posted directly on the LinkedIn spiked 8.3% during the ten weeks after the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S., suggesting employers are still prioritizing the hiring of these specialists despite an overall slowdown in demand for talent. Even though AI talent hiring has decreased, AI adoption is still going high and is not slowing down.

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A separate IDC survey estimated that AI jobs globally could increase by 16% this year, driven by stronger demand for AI talent as companies contend with the impact of the pandemic. Although there has been a significant increase in layoffs in the US, the pandemic has forced top tech companies to increasingly rely on day-to-day automation. Facebook and Twitter have expanded the use of their automated tools to identify offensive material while, YouTube learnt more on AI to moderate videos during the pandemic.

Even though a slowdown in overall job listings growth for AI specialist roles is witnessed, there has been a YOY growth in the software and IT sector during the post-COVID period as compared to the pre-COVID period. The report notes that YoY trends in healthcare are the opposite of those in software & IT. AI specialist job postings in the healthcare sector declined YoY, but it recorded an increasing YOY growth rate in job applications suggesting despite still having a small demand for the AI specialists, healthcare is becoming more appealing to job seekers.

AI may soon become a tool in the toolbox for solving business problems, with expertise spread throughout people in many different roles at a company.

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