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Coronavirus Impact Materialized the Linkage between IT Infrastructure and Business Continuity

By Sudipta Choudhury - June 11, 2020 3 Mins Read

Coronavirus Impact Materialized the Linkage between IT Infrastructure and Business Continuity

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the normalcy of business operations
globally – solidifying the association between robust IT base and business stability.

With the widespread downturn, businesses are forced to operate with the new normal, and
that has made many realize the significance of IT infrastructure. The latest report by Insight Enterprises, titled “2020 Insight Intelligent Technology Pulse: The Impact of COVID-19 on Business Readiness” surveyed IT professionals across different industries. The study found that only 24% of organizations were able to adjust to a new environment with no downtime.

The researchers also found that nearly 46% of IT experts felt extremely or highly prepared to pivot for the new business landscape. As a result, more businesses could be proactive about connecting IT in their contingency planning – about 40% of the respondents reported to have developed or refined business resiliency strategies in response to the pandemic. Another 56% of the respondents noted they took two or more weeks of downtime.

Mike Gaumond, SVP and GM of Connected Workforce at Insight as reported to have
mentioned, in an article on Businesswire, “COVID-19 has delivered a crash course in agility
for organizations of all stripes…The pandemic accelerated the long-brewing shift from an
on-site to the dispersed workforce and forced companies to reckon with their technology
shortfalls. The businesses that have adapted successfully are the ones that kept an eye on
the horizon.”

Simply put, business leaders cannot facilitate remote work without managing IT well. Nearly half of the surveyed respondents (49%) reported that their IT priorities were deeply affected by the pandemic situation. For them, one of the top priorities amid the crisis was equipping employees to work remotely. Managing that developed in importance as security was a significant challenge. About 50% of the IT professionals cited data safety, network security, and recovery as the primary concerns – for both before and after Coronavirus.

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In tough times, technology is going to be the focus of employee safety – be it today or
beyond. When the situation normalizes and organizations think upon calling employees
back to the workplace, the well-being of people is the most critical factor. And in this case
also, technology to play a crucial role. According to the study, the IT departments are
planning to implement health technologies that will help protect employee stay safe –

-Nearly 58% planning to invest in smart personal hygiene devices – like connected
hand sanitizer stations, etc.

-About 36% planning to spend on contactless sensors

-Another 35% noted about installing infrared thermometers,

-And about 25% will invest in the thermal cameras

Besides, one-third of the respondents reported they are considering an Internet of Things
(IoT) environment – that enables them to analyze and aggregate all the inputs they collect
from these devices.

As per 79% of professionals, IT will take on a superior role within the organization like never before. Matt Jackson, VP of Digital Innovation at Insight, mentioned in the company blog post, “Now that the initial shock has passed, enterprises are starting to think about how to re-establish a sense of routine. Are the changes they made a few months ago right for their organization moving forward, or do they need to re-evaluate how to shore up new vulnerabilities, improve efficiencies and reduce expenses in the long run?” He also cited, “Making continued investments in ‘what’s next’ – from AI to virtual workspaces – has only taken on heightened importance in this new world of digital engagement.”

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