CISOs Prioritizing Merging of IT and OT for Enhanced Business Outcome


The convergence of IT and OT functionalities can get enterprises better business results.

In the light of the pandemic, more convergence around the information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are being taken into consideration across businesses. CISOs are focussing on bringing the teams- both at personnel as well as at the technological level for augmented business outcomes.

This is going to be tricky for the future of businesses. Usually, these departments have varied tasks and have not operated together often. As a result, many organizations have found them at odds while networking, maintenance, and ownership. Considering the current technological ecosystem, and the risks emanating from it, security is the primary reason where OT and IT teams get together.

There are several vulnerabilities to patch for ensuring a strong security posture despite the business operations teams involved. As per the experts, for CIOs, it is only helping two different teams to achieve equal transparency for the organization’s goal. Thus, it is essential to identify technology ownership and the operations, and the inability to do so is where security issues often arise.

Basically, improper and individual ownership leads to disjointed business operations. Besides, there lies another problem –OT professionals think that the IT counterparts are unable to decode their systems. Likewise, the IT teams do not consider that the OT teams have proficiency in managing the latest connected devices and systems.

In reality, they need to unite to overcome the technical barriers that are leading to higher risks. And for that, both the departments require the most effective and secure IT/OT infrastructure. For enterprises, the easy way out would be to stop isolating the teams – with the CISO managing the overall operations.

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It is significant to realize that OT alone cannot drive the Industry 4.0 wave. It demands the help of IT professionals – while highlighting the consequence of the functionalities of all business aspects and teams. Hence, the role of a business leader in such a scenario is to make the reasons visible!

In most organizations, there will be objections to the impacts of getting OT and IT collectively. The OT environments are often exposed if they are connected – however, this threat is worth the benefit. As a whole, the smart OT technology and IoT does not have the accurate regulation and oversight that the IT assets hold.

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With new IoT resources, automation becomes critical. In its essence, the lack of visibility makes it complicated to investigate and for solving issues. Furthermore, the practice of
“shadow IT/OT” brings more vulnerability – if it is left unchecked.

Undoubtedly, the new era of industrialization demands new approaches. Organizations are still in a dilemma to give up on their proper deployment of technology with the fear of technological change. As a result, most businesses and professionals are aiming to deliver the best services – while incurring the slightest of risks.

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