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CIOs Must Commit to Building Inclusive IT Environment in 2023

By Anushree Bhattacharya - January 23, 2023 4 Mins Read

CIOs began 2023 with cautious confidence. After learning new IT lessons on value-oriented initiatives, it’s time to commit to building a strategic IT environment.

The CIO’s role is now more critical than ever as technology continues to impact most business processes. New IT approaches are making CIOs more focused toward implementing IT-based strategical programs to see impactful results.

While cloud computing, automation, security, and other technology implications are already a part of every CIO’s list of priorities, they must build a strategic IT environment to ensure the overreaching business objectives they have for 2023 and the high goals they hope to achieve.

Inclusivity indeed boosts an organization’s capacity when implementing changes in several ways.

Looking ahead with the changing IT landscape can be advantageous to CIOs in several assertive ways.

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SaaS Management

Cloud adoption encourages SaaS solutions. As more businesses move to cloud-based infrastructure, having and managing SaaS applications become more critical. This means CIOs should have a comprehensive assessment of applications usage and ensure that all licenses are being used correctly.

Having a close look at the management, CIOs can prevent extra expenditure on developments and software bloat. Strategic ways to manage SaaS implementation include auto-renewals from time to time, recognizing overlapping programs, and reconciling financial data of applications running across the organization. All in all, strategic IT decisions must transform from a cost perspective to a profit-gaining view.

Focusing on Employee Experience (EX)

CIOs building strategic IT should understand that digital employee experience (EX) is a priority, which is a new concept among CIOs globally in 2023. It anticipates leading initiatives with persistent improvements in modern technology that employees must leverage to serve business needs. This includes CIOs investing in the right tech platforms to enhance and reduce the long trails of irrelevant data and mine the relevant data that business needs.

Embrace IT-based Products at Scale

Heading into 2023, CIOs should plan to build an all-inclusive IT environment that should embrace IT-based products from a profit center. This all-around improvement leads the IT space with increased speed, quality, advancements, and ownership.

To embrace IT-based products, organizations must have the right components, from the right technology capabilities to enabling proper IT structure. With this, CIOs can also make modifications by inculcating a project-based approach based on IT-driven product development by practicing agility. This is one significant strategic shift tech leaders endure, and now it’s time for CIOs to endure it for their organizations at scale. This strategic approach enables CIOs to make decisions to develop and provide new technically optimized products, faster.

To Transform IT into Leadership from Ownership

Until the past years, CIOs exhibited ownership of their IT infrastructure, leveraging technology into processes, operations, and developments. But, based on technology insights gained till now, what will it take CIOs to transform IT into leadership in 2023.

The idea of orchestration of IT is a dynamic shift that CIOs are witnessing at scale across the globe. This concept has come in to accelerate digital business more than before. This further calls for distributing technology responsibilities and establishing new tech models for the entire organization, not only the IT infrastructure.

IT environment and its functions will now be based on preferences for technology solutions, which CIOs will lead—a real IT leadership.

As a result, IT leadership will create governance, control, and integration of the IT environment to provide seamless user experiences and enhance customer experiences.

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Allied IT Infrastructure

While this is not news, CIOs must now more than ever, emphasize on having an allied IT environment or infrastructure to maintain connectivity of business processes, operations, and employees if set up in a hybrid work environment. Other CIOs call it a virtual environment where building a connected IT environment necessitates collaborative platforms to function similarly to physical space.

Assertive IT Strategies will be Profit Headed in the Future

Technology investment should be suitable for value-driven businesses operating in the current uncertain economy. More CIOs need to establish strategic thinking in IT and assist with essential business operations such as marketing, finance, software development, and others.

CIOs can use their expertise to build strategies for business-related goals and show the right direction to tech leaders in defining technological processes at scale. After all, doing it,

CIOs must follow resiliency to keep business flourishing and drive optimum growth in upcoming years.

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