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CIOs Are Prioritizing Employee Experience for Businesses’ Success

By Sudipta Choudhury - June 26, 2020 4 mins read

CIOs are considering employee satisfaction on high priority for positive business outcomes.

Employee satisfaction is a crucial aspect of the long-term success of any business, and thus, CIOs are making it a priority. Employee experience is a serious matter of concern as dissatisfaction can lead to a long-term downbeat on an organization. Most CIOs are under immense pressure with demands for innovative solutions and services, cost optimization, talent crunch while enhancing their company’s business viability. With the growing success check-list, internal employee experience is often ignored and goes down on the CIO agenda.

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Widespread digital transformation has put present CXO’s attention on external customers. However, there is a subset of IT companies whose customers are the employees. And that has always been the last priority in terms of financing as well as attention.

IT departments need to put the same professionalism, energy, and techniques that organizations apply to systems. According to Claus Jensen, CTO, and CIO at Memorial Sloan Kettering, as reported to have said in a press release, “We build for our customers to the systems for our employees…We know how to build systems that are delightful for people to use. Yet, for some obscure reason, we never do it for ourselves. Show me someone who says that using the HR system is a delightful experience.”

Basically, employee dissatisfaction with various IT equipment can have a ripple effect, and as a consequence, companies can face a deep-rooted dent and a shortage of competitiveness. Exceptional employee experience will pay off in more effective collaboration, better talent, a healthy environment in an organization, and so on!

Experts suggest different ways to create a positive effect on employee experience, they are

1] Planning and executing to take action

The employee experience will not go wrong if CIOs do not commit to making it better. Transformational CIOs – who aspire to be leaders, should decide that they care for and are willing to devote time to doing something about it. Enhancing employee experience should be as crucial as a CIO priority; otherwise, it will go in vain.

2] Connecting repeatedly and measuring progress

Fixing process problems is a part and parcel of employee experience planning cycles. The primary focus should be about the things that would benefit and should be implemented in terms of process and people for making a better workplace. The aim should also be connected to tracking activities that are not done yet and measuring every aspect of what works out and not. As per successful business leaders, companies should be surveying to figure out the areas of improvement. The IT department needs to have a separate survey on the qualities of high-performing teams.

3] Guiding in technology usage

CIOs have a responsibility to influence – and it is not only confined to the future direction of the company’s external offerings. The internal processes, as well as organizational culture, needs to be tackled as they’re all affected by the technology.

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Great workplace culture is not necessarily a high-performing culture, but both need to be addressed. As per Niel Nickolaisen, CIO at OC. Tanner, “It helps to be experimenting—at a regular cadence—with ways those new technologies (e.g., analytics, mobile, virtual or augmented reality, and process automation) could make the employee experience a richer one… Our world in IT changes faster than anybody else’s, so we have to be a model”.

Undoubtedly, CIOs are distinctively positioned to direct an organization in the use of technologies and systems – to enable employees to concentrate on higher-value tasks with more productivity and efficiency.


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