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Challenges in Managing IoMT Devices

By Nikhil Sonawane - May 25, 2022 4 Mins Read

Digital transformation should be one of the top priorities of healthcare providers around the globe. IoMT devices are robust digital transformation tools that streamline the staff’s work and enhance patient outcomes.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and its applications are revamping the healthcare work processes, and organizations that adopt these technologies are enriching patient outcomes.

A report by Deloitte titled “Medtech and the Internet of Medical Things” suggests that the IoMT market size will be approximately worth around USD 158.1 billion in 2022. The CIOs in the healthcare industry should consider adopting the Internet of Medical Things applications to enhance the work process and improve the staff and patient experience.

Here are a few challenges that CIOs might have to overcome to ensure successful IoMT adoption in their healthcare institutions:

Data privacy

The patient’s medical data is sensitive in nature, and the medical practitioners need to maintain complete confidentiality to abide by the HIPAA regulation led by the government to ensure safe practices in gathering, storing, and applications of patient information. Adding to the challenges of a CIO, healthcare data is one of the most common cybersecurity targets.

Any IoT device comes with multiple vulnerabilities embedded into the system, making it challenging for the CISOs to remove the weak links without impacting the device’s functionality. Even though the top cloud service vendors claim to have best practices implemented to defend against cybersecurity incidents to keep sensitive user data safe, these claims are only applicable to the underlying infrastructure.

CIOs should consider securing the IoMT devices to ensure the sensitive and confidential information of the patient is secure and HIPAA compliant. This is imperative to minimize the data liability. Developing and implementing a dedicated Internet of Medical Things platform is the most effective way to ensure that sensitive and confidential patient data is secure.

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Ensuring connectivity all the time; especially when it’s required the most 

Another challenge that healthcare organizations’ CIOs need to address is ensuring constant connectivity. Because when it comes to the healthcare sector, the stakes are so high that they might influence the life or death situation of the patient. Hence, the CIOs need to ensure the IoMT applications have internet connectivity all the time.

The CIOs should consider developing a strategic plan to minimize the latency and ensure connectivity when it is required the most. A reliable network infrastructure with flexible and agile IT teams will assist healthcare providers in overcoming the silos of the devices, systems, and tools. Defining a policy based on the priority of the equipment, like life-saving devices, will enforce mission-critical equipment gets priority for connectivity during unprecedented times.

Tech stack restrictions and Software updates

IoMT devices are a revolutionary tool that can change the paradigm of the entire health care sector. But one major challenge is the limitations of the tech stack that support them. If the tools selected are not robust enough, they might tamper with the data and influence the results. The healthcare CIOs need to evaluate and select the best medical IoT to gather and evaluate the data in real-time to make a significant difference in patient outcomes.

Another major challenge is that the medical IoT applications might need regular software updates to fix the bugs and upgrade the latest features. While upgrading the Software to the latest versions might create outages in the IoMT devices, potentially harming patient outcomes. The CIOs should consider upgrading the software with topmost care to ensure there is minimum downtime and all the compliances are taken care of.

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