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Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Convergence Powering the Robotics Capability

By Debjani Chaudhury - March 13, 2020 3 Mins Read

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Enterprises are using multiple applications powered by the convergence of blockchain and artificial intelligence, to increase efficiency and effectiveness of RPA.

It is common knowledge that Robotics is powered by artificial intelligence delivering excellence and efficiency in well-known areas –  cryptocurrencies, chatbots, or voice-assisted technologies.

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The field of robotics is immensely challenging, and to grow in this segment, companies need to offer reliable and affordable solutions to their clients and customers.

The exciting news is that RPA is also one of the most promising areas utilizing the convergence of Blockchain and AI. This convergence is now showing never before massive efficiencies in the field of robotics.

Robotics has gained massive popularity across industries over the years using artificial intelligence, making all processes more effective and error-free. Now, blockchain will keep the data decentralized and free from any central or concentrated control. By combining the decentralized power of blockchain with the agility of artificial intelligence, the field of robotics can be elevated and advanced in several ways.

The features offered by artificial intelligence will increase the efficiency of robots using automation multi-fold, while data immutability offered by blockchain will tamper-proof the processes. Leveraging these technologies simultaneously to the robotics, the operating mechanism is pre-set to achieve the desired objectives and business goals.

Swarm Robotics: The one to be benefitted the most?

The significance of artificial intelligence and blockchain is the most prominent in the case of Swarm Robotics. This is mainly because both these innovations can be applied collectively to control a group of robots. AI controls every Swarm Robot as it operates according to the pre-set principles and requirements. The collective response and behavior of the Robots can be significantly enhanced with the application of artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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This convergence has enormous benefits on scalability with the enhanced scope of operations. Global enterprises have already started witnessing the application of blockchain and artificial intelligence with the Swarm robotics gaining popularity, specifically in the areas related to entertainment, healthcare, and farming. Although several stakeholders have explicitly expressed concerns about the security and safety of the features, there is hardly any negative view about the potential of applications to benefit the industry. Blockchain is a credible technology measure to alleviate the concerns of the stakeholders about the privacy and secrecy of the data. Using the secure cryptographic signatures and other advanced technologies available in the blockchain space, security, and safety concerns regarding robots can be easily handled.

Artificial intelligence will power the Robots while continuing to be the strength of this integration, while Blockchain technology will be playing a passive role by providing backup support to ensure data security and safety. Hence, with this convergence is applied to robotics in an integrated manner, robotics will transform and benefit the industry in an unbelievably positive way.

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